Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking advantage of the cabin

Tucker and Aubrey didn't have school because of the end of the term on the 18th. Cody's parents wanted Cole and Blake for the weekend and took them Thursday night. We live so close to my Foster family's cabin, and rarely take advantage of it, so I called my Grandpa and he was thrilled that I wanted to go up for the day. I've never gone up in the winter without Cody or my Mom. Now that I'm a big girl, I thought I'd have a fun day with my kids.
 The roads were cleared enough to drive in to the cabin. There are 3 snowmobiles for the cabin and 2 of them were in the barn. It took me 20 minutes, but I finally was able to get one started. The kids and I drove around the field, went sledding and made words in the snow for my missionary brother, Elder Foster. The air in Salt Lake had a horrible inversion the weekend we went and the skies were so blue and clear at the cabin. A glorious afternoon.
 I taught Tucker how to drive and make turns. After I was sure he could do it, I let him drive Aubrey around the field a couple times. Pure joy! He technically isn't supposed to drive by himself until he's 12, but we all bend the rules occasionally, right?
 The day was complete after we drank hot chocolate from the clear bottoms up glasses.
 I have to admit I was so proud of myself that I got the snowmobile started and we had a fun day by ourselves. My goal is to get up to the cabin every couple months. Spring and fall can be tricky because the snow starts to melt, it's muddy, and the horses aren't around yet. Not that I'll ever tackle the horses by myself. Definitely need Cody or Grandpa for that.
 We made the letters a bit too big, but if you zoom in, you can see we wrote Elder Foster in the snow. The "R" in Foster is messed up.
We had school off on Monday because of the holiday. My friend, Jessica was able to go with us then with 2 of her children. I didn't even take my camera on this trip, but she did. I got a snowmobile started, hooked up to the sled and we did some more sledding, ate lunch and enjoyed being away from home.
 Tucker and Winter. Aubrey and Cole. Jessica and I had the babies with us, Blake and Miles.


Laurel said...

What a cool spot! I bet it is breathtaking in the summer with leaves on the trees. I love the barn!