Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maryland Reunion Party (yes we like to party!)

Apparently we like to party, and host parties. Our friend Hannah was in town and wanted to get together with Maryland friends, so we decided to host another party. Unfortunately, a few families had to cancel last minute and others were out of town, but us 4 families had fun catching up. More babies have been born and families have moved. It's fun to see where everyone is. We plan on making this an annual event, so if you missed it this year, don't worry, there's always next. We'll try to plan when the out of towners are in town.
 The dentists, minus Jeremy (he was on a plane flying to Utah at the moment).
 Some crazy kids! and no, the boy next to Tucker isn't crying.
 Tucker's neighborhood buddies joined in on the fun so I snapped a picture of them too.

More Please

This baby loves the dirt, and sand, and anything else that looks good and dirty.

 I bought a kiddie pool for the kids a month or so ago and we finally filled it up mid July. The water was freezing, I didn't drag the hose through the house to use the hot water tap from the garage, but they loved it and pretty soon the whole neighborhood was sliding and swimming.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dental Class Reunion of 2008

We love to get together with members of our dental class. We had a couple families in town the end of June so we planned a BBQ/swimming party at my Grandpa's house. 6 of the 10 Mormon families made it. Not too shabby!
 The kids swam and swam...

 while the dentists and ladies chatted and chatted.

 These three babies were all born last summer. Most of us have doubled the size of our families since moving.
As always, it was so fun seeing everyone. The kids that were Maryland born have grown so much and the new ones are fun to see for the first (or second or third time). Until next summer!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blake's 1st Birthday 7-11

We celebrated Blake's 1st birthday on Saturday, the 9th when we got home from the ranch. Cody was going to scout camp on his actual birthday and I figured since everyone was already with us, we might as well bust out the cake and ice cream. Cody baked the cake before we came home so I just had to frost it and turn it into a fish.
 Blake wasn't quite sure what was going on, he was actually ready for a nap. He just sucked on his thumb while we sang and the kids blew out his candles.
 He really wanted nothing to do with the cake either. He touched the frosting and I tried to put some in his mouth. He ended up flicking frosting all behind him on the highchair and the door.
 While we were gathering to open presents Cody brought his new gun out to show my Grandpa Foster. It's bullets are so big! And they are ridiculously expensive. $4 a bullet! Um, you better shoot that elk/deer with the first shot buddy!
 Blake received wonderful gifts from everyone. We don't like to give our kids much, they already have a ton, and with him being the 4th child and 3rd boy, we pretty much have everything covered. He did get some new sippy cups, some clothes, truck, and a couple other toys.

 I'm throwing this in just so I don't have to make a separate post. Tucker has been wanting to fly the kite he got for his birthday, last September, and Cody finally unpicked the knots in the string and Tucker flew it Sunday afternoon.
 On Blake's actual birthday we celebrated, or rather the older kids celebrated by getting free Slurpee's from 7-11. That will definitely become a tradition every year now. I'm not sure why I've never done it before. : ) Too bad Blake was taking a nap when we decided it was Slurpee time.

Grant Family Reunion

Every year since I was little my Mom's side of the family holds a reunion up at the Reid Ranch. Last year I was too pregnant to go (good thing too because I'm positive I would have had a baby on the dirt road!). This year Cody had to work, but I took the kids up by myself . We had a fun time visiting with family and playing in the great outdoors. This is our huge family picture we get taken every year. There are probably 10 people missing from the photo too. I love looking back seeing how the family has changed and grown.
 This pics are in backwards order of when they happened, but you'll get the gist. We went paddle boating down at the lake.
 Dan taught Tucker and McKenna some chant about if the pirates get you, hit the deck, steal the treasure, and get to shore. It was pretty cute to hear them sing it.
 I personally have not ridden a horse at the ranch in years - maybe 12 years. They keep coming up with new rules for safety that I guess I don't want to adhere to, so I just don't go riding anymore. Everyone has to sport life jackets and helmets to ride the horses. Luckily the kids don't mind and had fun riding Lady and/or Tramp, the miniature ponies.
 I snuck a quick picture of the little boys on the pony without the gear on. My brother Spencer works at the ranch and he was in charge of horses when we went up to the corral.
 M:y uncle built some kind of rocket launcher that we all had fun using. We made rockets, place them on the PVC pipe, pressed the red button and they shot up into the air.
 My other brother, Kevin, is a rocket scientist and so he brought along his rocket too.
 The kids had fun eating sno cones and playing with their cousins.
 It rained every day we were there, but we had an awesome sky our last night. The colors were amazing!
 The kids and their second cousins had a dance party on the stage. They were all shaking their booties.
 Tucker loved going to do archery. He's sort of strong enough to pull the bow back and he had fun trying over and over.
 Cole decided throwing rocks into the water wasn't good enough. He then stood in the water, finally knelt down and eventually was lying in the water and kept putting his face in it. I'm such a great Mom that of course I let him. What's a little water going to do to a boy? He had fun until it actually starting raining and was getting him wet that way. You gotta love that cute redheaded dimpled boy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Circle of 4th Fun!

We had so much fun on the 4th of July. We blocked off our circle and our entire neighborhood came together for a circle BBQ, fireworks and fun. We live in the greatest place and have such fun friends. This first picture isn't actually of neighbor friends, but of our good friends Hannah and Jeremy Skinner. We lived in Maryland together while the guys went to dental school. Hannah's sister lives 2 streets away so we get to see them whenever they're in town.
 Maree headed up the fireworks with the kids. She's a grandma to 12 I think and was our pyro for the evening.
 Aubrey and Kali lighting their sparklers.
 We had the party in front of our house because we're at the back of the circle, the closest to Memorial Hill (where they shoot off city fireworks) and we actually have grass to sit on.

Unfortunately it began raining as the fireworks started going off, but we all braved the weather and watched anyway.


We headed to the cabin on July 2nd for some horsin around and rodeo fun. Tucker and Mckenna played in the ditch and thankfully didn't get wet. My kids have a habit of "accidentally" falling in water. : )
Blake loves the water so much that we let him dangle!
Halle and Aubrey riding one of our 3 horses. I'm not a horsewoman, and sadly I don't even know which horse is which. All I know is one is named Duchess, one Lexie and one named Beau.
Blake LOVED the horse. He couldn't get enough and wanted to climb all over it.

The kids love the gator and tractor rides that Grandpa gives them. Last year I rode the gator and horses and was 9 months pregnant. Now Blake gets to enjoy it all.
My Grandpa Foster and cute Aubrey.
Cole was in heaven on the horses. You would think that living in a mountain valley where farmland is all around us that we'd get use to seeing horses, deer, cows, etc. But no, this kid points every one out - every time.
The rodeo was great. I personally thought it was one of the better one's I'd seen (and I've seen a lot over my 29 year lifespan.) The only event that didn't do too well was team roping. Those calves knew how to play the riders this year.