Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Day

No one wanted to cooperate for my Christmas morning stairs picture. I'm not even sure where Cole is. It looks like him behind Beckham, but I'm pretty sure that's cousin Caeden. The cousins and grandparents slept over so it was chaotic. The kids stayed up late Christmas Eve, so they actually slept in until about 7 am.
 Cole, Aubrey and Blake's Santa piles. Cole received a nerf gun, Aubrey her Target brand, American Girl doll, and Blake a big block lego table, plus toys he plays with that he didn't know make sound. Batteries make old toys seem new. Some of his gifts were opened for the 3rd time on Christmas. (Perks of being the 3rd boy).
 Tucker was so excited about his magnifying glass and Pokeman stickers that he didn't realize that he got a new (from the thrift store) bike for 5-10 minutes.
 Cousins, grandparents, wrapping paper and toys everywhere!
 After opening presents with the Calderwoods, we all ate breakfast and got ready for the day. We spent the afternoon with my Foster family. They have an annual gift and white elephant exchange. This is the only picture of me.
Good thing my uncle Brian loves Cody. They get along great in the Foster family.
 After a nice lunch at my Grandpa Foster's we went to my parents house for more presents. My brother is serving his mission in California and thanks to technology, we were able to Skype and talk with him. My Dad rigged the laptop to show up on their bigscreen so that we could all see Uncle Spencer. After 2 hours, we finally opened up cousin gifts and were off.

I have become a worse photographer over the years. Not many "great" snapshots, but photos nonetheless.