Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 5 of radiation

My sweet hair loss patterns. I'm very ready for it to just start growing back. I miss my hair. : (

Rock Creek Fundraiser

I have some of the best friends in the world. Roseanne Lami and her family/restaurant, Rock Creek Pizza, threw me an amazing fundraiser last Saturday night, March 10th. It was the reunion of all reunions for me and my family. I think everyone in the ward that I grew up with was there plus hundreds of people that know Rose or my family now. All the proceeds of pizza purchases throughout the day went towards me and we also had an auction and head shavings. Rose and her sister Dede shaved their heads for me. This first picture is of Rose and me after my Huntsman Cancer Institute appointment back on February 14th.

 This one is after Rose shaved her head.
These are Rose's two cute girls, Katie and Morgan. I would drive up from Provo and babysit them even after Cody and I got married.
 Me, Rose and Dede. These ladies babysat me and took care of me when I was growing up and I had the privilege of babysitting their children while I was in my teenage/early years.
 My entire family was able to attend the fundraiser and my brother and his wife got some good pictures. Here are Aubrey, Ethan (Heather's son) and Cole eating some dinner.
 The crowd gathered outside for the head shavings.
 Dede had long curly dark hair that she is going to donate to Locks of Love or somewhere. She offered it to me for a wig, but I already had purchased my 3.
 My brothers, Spencer and Kevin, and Kevin's little girl, Addyson.
 Rose's daughter, Morgan, is in a band and the kids had fun dancing to the music all night long.
 Rose also had shirts made for people to buy. All of the Rock Creek staff were wearing them. It was awesome!
Rose also surprised me with this video that she made. It's about 5 minutes long, but worth it. Thank you again! My Mom is the 5th woman in from the left in the picture video clip below.