Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pre Christmas parties

Cody's brother and family flew to Utah for Christmas. They stayed at our house the 23-25th. Carson and Cody have been lifting and had a competition to see who could bench the most. Cody won at 250lbs. It makes him happy because he's the younger brother. Cody has been so dedicated this past year in trying to gain weight and muscle.

 The cousins played lots together. Not that this picture shows it.
 It snowed Christmas Eve and Tucker and Beckham decided to be the men of the house and shovel the walks and driveway for me.
 After they were done with our house they headed next door to work on the neighbors.
 Blake didn't want to be left out and refused to use a little shovel.
 Exhausted little guy took a quick break.
 After shoveling it was snowman time.
 My kids and I have never really built a snowman together. I'm too lazy to get them all dressed up and outside. Beckham was a huge help. Our snowman accessories came from a kit my Mom gave me a couple years ago. He's still standing in our yard, although a pink scarf has been added by Aubrey.
 Beckham wanted twin snowmen and kept building with Cole. It turned out to be more of stacking snow on top of one another.
 We had a Christmas Eve feast at our house with Cody's family. Here are 7 of the 8 kids. We each had 3 boys and 1 girl. Aubrey and Aspen sure love each other. Trevor, on the right is the oldest cousin at 11 years old. His hair is longer than mine. : )
 Cody's Dad, Carson, me, Blake, Marisa's head and Cody's Mom.
We had a huge gathering with all of Cody's Mom's siblings and kids/grandkids on the 23rd. We had 51 people in our house for dinner and a white elephant party. 49 of them are descendants from Cody's Grandma. We missed my extended family Christmas party, but it was great to be with family we don't see very often and that haven't gotten together since their Grandma passed away 10 years ago. We are grateful to live in a house that can accommodate so many crazy people.