Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blakey Blake

Our little guy is now 11 weeks old. Man the time flies by fast! At his 2 month checkup he was 12lbs 5 oz. I could've sworn I saw 12lbs. 15 oz on the scale, but as I look at my checkup form, it only says 5 oz. Either way, he is over 1 lb bigger than Cole was at this age and we thought he was big! We pulled the Bumbo out this week and Blake decided to relax and catch a few zzz's!
 And I was feeling guilty that I hardly take any pictures these days so I caught some cute ones of Blake the other night.

 Last Sunday we went down to my Grandpa Foster's house to celebrate his 85th birthday. Blake doesn't have any pictures with his Great Grandparents so I made sure to get a shot. My Grandma had a stroke last February and lost her sight, so unfortunately she hasn't "seen" Blake but it is still good for us to see her.
In other news, I was accepted to be in Swiss Christmas again this year. I'm so excited! I started sewing early this year and hope it all sells as well as it did last year. I'm doing a table with some good friends and my sister, so it should be fun!

Tucker's 5!!!

Tucker turned 5 on September 17th! We decided to throw him a birthday party this year. It was my first party and I had no idea what to expect. We planned for 2 hours, but those little boys just cruise through the activities and we ended 30+ minutes early.
 Tucker had a dinosaur themed party. The kids were "digging" for dinosaurs in this picture. We also played pin the horn on the Triceratops, musical bones and played with dinosaur craft foam stickers.
 Present time is always extremely exciting!
 I just did cupcakes for his party instead of making him a "cool" cake. I thought we'd have a family party later, but that never happened. I'm not complaining too much. I like making the fun cakes, but it was nice to not worry about it this year.
 After Tucker's party we had to drive down to Sandy to pick up the 4-wheeler from Cody's parents. We made a stop at my parents first so that we could give Tucker his birthday present from us. Meet Squeaky - our new guinea pig. I bought him off KSL classifieds for $20 including his huge cage, fun tunnel toy and igloo and some food. Tucker LOVES him. He is soooo into animals and he loves having a pet of his own.

Getting our Halloween on

I went out to check on our garden a couple weeks ago and noticed a dark spot on our stucco. When Cody came home he climbed up for a closer look. A bat was just chillin on the side of our house. Of course Cody tried to hold him and it opened it's mouth, showed it's sharp fangs and Cody got his hands out of the way. The bat flew next door and hungout on our neighbor's stucco. It was just the right thing to get us in the mood for Halloween.
At the end of May we planted our flowers and they have completely exploded and taken over. The before and after (or in this case the after and then before) pictures are awesome!

Cody purchased a kids harness for our trip to Moab. We let the kids try it out inside before we left. There's nothing like getting your rock climbing on from the banister.

Blake's Blessing Day

We blessed Blake in our ward over Labor Day weekend. It was nice to have our family drive up and join us at church. Blake wore the blessing outfit that my Mom made for Tucker when he was blessed. It's fun to compare the boys in the outfits. I put a picture of Tucker and Cole's at the end of this post.
 Cody's Mom kept his blessing outfit and so we had a little photo shoot with Blake in Cody's outfit.
 Our first nice family picture since Blake was born. Picture taking really does get worse with each kid. Sorry Blake!
 Grandpa Calderwood and grandson.
 My Dad and his girls.
 My parents and their 9th grandbaby.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We got back late last night (about 11:00 pm) from an awesome weekend in Moab.  For Lisa, this was the first time in 11 years that she had done any activities in the Moab area.  She was looking forward to experiencing Moab Cody-style.  I was super excited to go back for the first time in 6 years, hit the trails again and show Lisa a little of what Moab has to offer.
We headed out from Midway Thursday afternoon once the kids were done with school and made it down there in time for dinner.  We found a sweet camp site in the Sand Flats recreation area, although it was a little difficult getting to it.

 It was one of the only sites around that offered afternoon shade.  The shade was so nice because the temperatures got up to 98.

My parents arrived late Thursday evening and came with my cousin Jaron.  Unfortunately my dad's trailer got a flat tire driving back to the camp site. 
The next morning we got up and celebrated Tucker's 5th birthday.  He was so happy all day that it was his birthday.  Although we didn't have a cake for him, we did give him presents and sing him happy birthday in Moab.  What an awesome birthday!  After our breakfast and after fixing the flat tire, we headed out to Wall Street to do some rock climbing.  Even though Moab was completely full of people this weekend because of the century road bike race, nobody was rock climbing or mountain biking, which made it very nice for us.  We never had to battle with crowds while climbing, hiking, or mountain biking. 
Here is a picture of me lead roping my first climb in 5 years.  I felt about 5 years rusty too, but it was wonderful getting back out there.  I probably should have started with something a little easier than a 5.10, but my pride had me convinced that I could fly up it just as easily as when I was climbing regularly in college.  It took me a little longer than it used to, but I did the climb without any falls or problems, and then belayed the others.

You'll notice from these photos how unbelievably beautiful the area is for climbing.  It's so great being back close to the red rock country again and to be able to enjoy it.
I bought a kids harness, and Tucker and Aubrey were so excited to go "mountain climbing" as they keep calling it.  Despite my best attempts, they won't call it rock climbing.  Tucker wasn't as big of a fan of it right now, but he told me that he does want to try it again.
Here is a cool shot of Lisa holding Blake.  He was such a great trooper the whole weekend.

After Tucker went, Aubrey couldn't wait for it to be her turn.  She was so excited, and I think we have a future rock climber in her.

"Belay on!"

After the kids went, Jaron put his spider skills to use and enjoyed the climb.

Jaron having a little fun at the end of his decent.

Yes everyone, this is a picture of the girl who just had baby #4 two months ago.  She was a bit rusty at first, but it came right back to her once she started climbing up.  You'll notice in this photo that the road is right next to where we were climbing.  That is one of the weird aspects of climbing on Wall Street, you are right next to all the cars, trucks and bikes that go by on that road.  A little different from most climbing routes.

Lisa couldn't let Jaron out do her at the end of her climb, so she had to add more flare to her decent.

Jaron really wanted to lead climb for his first time ever, so after a quick crash course on what to do, I sent him up the slab next to us.  He looked like a veteran.

After Jaron set the ropes, my dad climbed the route.  I love the view of the wall behind him.  It gives some perspective as to how massive those cliff faces are.
Does everybody have to show off for the camera while I am belaying them?

After my dad finished his climb, Lisa decided she also wanted to lead climb for the first time in her life.  I taught Lisa all the do's  and dont's to lead climbing and sent her on her way.  She did amazing, as usual.

While we were climbing, Tucker decided he wanted another try, but couldn't wait for the harness and rope.  So he went free climbing.  We quickly brought him back down to safe ground once we saw him.

While we were climbing, people (mostly my parents) would trade off watching Blake and Cole.  Here are my parents enjoying the view from the other side of the road.

Cole mostly did a lot of this while we were climbing.  He played in the sand and had a blast.  Doesn't that smile just explain it all?

At about 11:30 the rock face became way too hot to keep rock climbing, so we headed back  to camp for lunch.
You'll have to excuse me for the next several photos from biking and then hiking the next day.  I didn't realize that one of our kids had smeared a fingerprint on the lens of the pocket camera, so most of the photos turned out fuzzy.  But, I still wanted to document our adventures, so I'll have to deal with the poor quality anyway.
That afternoon Lisa, Jaron and I headed over to the Slick Rock Trail.  It was to be Lisa's first time ever on the trail, the first time in 15 years for Jaron, and the first time in 8 years for me.

Yes, that trail is steep!  Can you see the determination in her face?  She did awesome for her first time on the trail and wants to go back and try it again.  What an amazing wife I have.

Blake hung out at times in his bouncy seat and was content just being there.  Friday night we made tin foil dinners, and they were scrum-diddly-umcious.  Maybe they tasted better because of the full day of activities and how tired I was, either way, they hit the spot.

Yes, I am sporting my Swiss Days hat with pride!

Tucker looking for desert animals while dinner was being prepared.

Saturday morning we headed out with Kristin, Chris and Jaron to hike Corona Arch.  It is an easy hike located off Potash Road.  While we were hiking, my mom and dad took their 4-wheeler on some trails.  Here is a shot of our motley crew embarking on our 1.5 mile journey.

Aubrey and her Aunt Kristin with the arch in the background.

A shot of Corona Arch.

There were some cables and ladders set up to help people make the hike up to the arch.  Here are some pictures of our crew on the way back down.

Darn smudged camera!  Too bad these didn't turn out better.

After our morning hike to Corona Arch, we went to Zak's pizza to watch the BYU-Florida State football game.  I enjoyed the game for it what it presented.  I knew we still had a very young and inexperienced team, and I think they did well accordingly.  It's just too bad our waitress was such an ornery beast or it would have been even more fun.

While I was watching the BYU game in town, Lisa decided she wanted the kids to nap, so she drove into Arches National Park and let all the kids zonk out in their car seats to get some much needed rest.  She couldn't leave the car, so she snapped some photos from her driver side window.

After lunch, we headed back to camp and let the kids finish their naps.  After their naps they were in heaven playing in the dirt and running around.  While they did that, I began to pack up so we could head out that night, and Kristin took her jeep on the Fins and Things trail with Chris and my mom.  I wish I could have gone with them.

Once I had all of our things packed up, we made one final delicious dinner (thanks mom and dad) to end a wonderful weekend.

As we left Moab Saturday evening, we were treated with this awesome parting sight.  The sunset provided some fantastic colors for us.  We had such a fantastic time with family and look forward to going back soon.  Well, until next year Moab, hasta luego!