Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Annual Clogging Lunch

Every year after Christmas my clogging friends get together for lunch. I love that it is an annual tradition, because usually it's the only time we ever see each other. We met at Zupas this year and enjoyed our yummy food and catching up. Not everyone could come, it's way too hard to coordinate everyone's schedules, but below we've got, Jennie and Wade, Andrea, Natalie and Miles, Lindsey, Jenny, Lindsey, Alyson, me, Cambria and her boys. Emily is taking the picture which is why I put in 2 pictures. That way if she wants to steal a picture, she'll be in it. Until next year!!

Christmas Day

It was so nice being able to be in our own house Christmas morning. Last year we technically were in our own place, but the whole house was boxed up because we moved 2 days later. When the kids woke up we had them wait at the top of the stairs and then run down to see what Santa brought them. Aubrey received a doll set with a stroller, swing, carseat, etc. and Tucker received his "journal" as he calls it, or his Leapster 2. We kind of slacked on Cole, but he'll never know. We took old toys and put new batteries in them and then wrapped and put them under the tree. Cheap and awesome!

After presents at our house we drove to Cody's parents for more presents and a delicious lunch. Tucker received his animal remote that he's been wanting forever! He's going to be the smartest kid ever. He can tell you all sorts of interesting facts about animals now.
Cole, Grandma and Kristin enjoying a Winnie the Pooh read.
Our little princess LOVES to help do the dishes. We've got a little Cinderella on our hands.
After we ate with Cody's family we went to my Grandparents house for more presents, games and food. (It's never ending isn't it?!!) We always play the white elephant trading game and have so much fun!

Cody and I received an early Christmas present and bought ourselves a little handheld camera. We love our Canon, but it is not convenient to carry on the go. We bought one with with video capabilities, they probably don't sell them without nowadays, but it is great for us because our video camera died over a year ago. Here's our one little video of the day, the kids discovering what Santa brought them.

Christmas Eve

Cody started our Christmas Eve Day off by hitting the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort. One of his assistants received free passes, and we just can't pass up free, so he was off for the morning. We met him at his office at lunchtime and headed down to Sandy to spend time with family. While Aubrey was napping we took Tucker and Cole sledding behind Cody's parents house. Tucker has been wanting to play in the snow for sometime now, and loved every minute of it.

Tubing with Grandpa Calderwood.
Can't wipe the smile from his face.
Our sweet orange Walmart sled.
Our little snow batman. Surprisingly he did really well outside. He never cried and seemed content in the cold.
Trudging up the hill.
Cody received an emergency call that afternoon and so I went with him back to his office to help smooth down someone's tooth. Luckily for us, not her, she needs a crown so it turned out to be a very profitable emergency call. We met my family at Snowbird around 6:00. My dad was asked to provide music for a Christmas program that evening. First, everyone gathered outside to watch tons of skiers come down the mountain with red flares, then Santa rappelled out of the tram. It was really fun to watch. Can you see him there in the middle of the picture?
They gave everyone candles to light during their little ceremony. Who in their right mind thought giving candles to kids was a good idea? Luckily no hair or person was burned!
The girls enjoying their cookies and brownies.
Here's my dad, hard at work!
After the Snowbird Celebration we headed back to my parents house to open presents with the family. Cole is liking his new truck with Aunt Heather.
Aubrey received a pink tutu and some girlie things and was so funny opening them. She would grab something from the box and then twirl around, grab another item and twirl some more, again and again.
Tucker received a fun Noah's Ark puzzle to complete and hang in his animal themed room.
When we arrived home, Cody's sister was finishing one of the kids presents for us. Of course I haven't taken a picture of it, but will later. It's awesome!


I haven't taken my kids to JCPenney photo studios in 2 years. The studio's in Maryland were HORRIBLE. I mean the worst picture experience you can imagine. (I know some of my MD friends are nodding in agreement.) Anyway, 2 years ago I came to Utah for Christmas break and decided to try the JCPenney here. I bought the Portrait Club Membership and well, never used it again. Until 2 weeks ago. I realized that my membership expired on the 20th and thought, hey, why not. It could be a great way to get cute pictures cheap. My kids did awesome! I think we were done with the picture taking in 10 minutes. Enjoy my darling children who made Mommy's day by smiling on cue!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Maryland Friends

I can't say enough about these girls. We were best friends for 4 years. We didn't have family to rely on, just each other. Christmas break is great because we get to see our dental friends that live out of state. When we started dental school none of us had kids. Now we have 11 with 3 more on the way. This is only half of our group too. (Amber, me, Stacey, Holly and Erin)

The doctors are all practicing except for Jansen who is in OK in perio school. These guys rode the ghetto metro together 5 days a week for 4 years. You really get to know a person that way. : ) (Nate, Justin, Jansen, Cody and Spencer)
Here are 9 of our 11 kiddos. (Will, Cassidy, Brayden, Tucker, Aubrey, Camden, Mia, Sarah and Katelyn)
After our pictures Tucker and Brayden took our cameras and had their own photo shoot. These are our fish.
Tucker made this for us for Christmas.

Cute Cassidy and her gorgeous eyes.
Cute Camden.
Brayden checking out his photos.

Dansie Christmas Party

December is always full of parties and we were so happy to be living in Utah where not only could be attend them, but we could host them as well. We had some of Cody's moms side of the family up to our house for dinner on the 19th. We played the white elephant game and had fun seeing family we hadn't seen in a long time.

Cole loves Jaron and he willingly let him drool all over his head.
Kristin received the best white elephant. Who wouldn't want a picture of Jaron?!!
This is the look babies give Cody.
In the meantime, I told Tucker that if he expected to receive anymore animals for Christmas he better start playing with the ones he had. This is how he plays with his animals. He lines them all up.
And Cole loves to help me in the dishwasher. Can't say it's very helpful, but it's sure cute. Except when he gets a hold of the knives. That baby is fast!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

60th Anniversary

I'm a bit behind on some things that I should have posted about. My Grandparents Grant celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary before Thanksgiving. We had a huge celebration at the Reid School and everyone was there minus 4 people. There are 75 of us in their posterity, plus a couple more on the way. My Foster family, minus Heather and Dan, with G & G.

My boys.
It's fun to imagine what my little family will be like when Cody and I are married that long.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deer Valley w/o kids

Lisa and I spent the day today skiing up at Deer Valley. My office manager hooked us up with some tickets - thanks Lindsay! We owe you.

We love living here and being near so much fantastic recreation. We were also lucky enough that our parents watched the kids for us, allowing just the two of us to go. We couldn't have asked for a better day for skiing. The snow was great quality, the weather was fantastic, it wasn't crowded at all, and we rode up the lifts with some great company (a couple from Ohio that we probably convinced to move here to Park City, several BYU students, the ski patrol, and my good buddy Stein).

Lisa decided to open up our Christmas gift a week early so she could use it today. We got a new handheld camera for times like today. The cannon is a great camera, but not a pocket camera. So, we had a blast on the mountain and can't wait for more ski days ahead this season.

A really cool view back towards the Wasatch, where Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton are located.

Another sweet view out towards Mt. Timpanogas.

Lisa took a little video of me going down the run. Hopefully this little video will serve as motivation for all of you who haven't made to the slopes yet. Get out there and do it, you won't regret it.