Thursday, May 30, 2013

Piano recital

I have found piano to be a little therapeutic for me this year. I wanted to be in my Dad's recital again. I stopped playing after my diagnosis last year. Unfortunately, Tucker stopped too. It just couldn't happen. I wasn't supposed to drive and how was I to get to our lessons? My Dad gave me some songs a few months ago, and I found some old ones in my piano folder. I began practicing and my Dad said I could be in the recital. Aubrey wanted to learn so I finally sat down and showed her a few notes so that she could play a song in one of Tucker's piano books. She caught on quickly and so I had her learn an actual song for the recital. Tucker was bummed that he couldn't be in it too, but if you don't practice, then you don't get to play. Maybe next time buddy. The recital was on May 22nd. My Dad always has his band play along with the students. It's fun and helps to mask mistakes like mine. : )
Aubrey played Mary had a Little Lamb.
 My brothers daughter was also in the recital and Kevin's wife, Lisa, took some photos for me too. I wsa trying to video and take pictures at the same time. That doesn't work so well.
I played The Prayer.
 My Dad always ends the recital with a number of his own. He's pretty awesome and does it all. Teaches, performs, tunes and has a band.

 We are lucky to take from the best!

Little Ballerina

Aubrey had her first ballet recital on May 17th and 18th. She started taking ballet in December and is a little natural. She is in the same class as her friend Ella. Ella is my older brothers friends daughter. They built a home in Midway and 3 of our kids match up in age and school.
 She loved her sparkly costume, especially in the sunlight. And of course we got to do makeup and bun hair.
 Cody and his parents went to the first show and I went on Saturday with my parents and her cousin Halle. Only 4 of the 6 girls were there for the Saturday show. Aubrey is 2nd from the right.

Cody video taped her the first night when all 6 girls were actually there.

 She did great and was one of the only kids not watching the teacher during the performance. They danced to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a pretty instrumental version. Cody and my Dad recorded it, but I don't have it yet.
 She enjoys ballet, but we are going to switch to a different studio in the fall. I think she'll try some tap and jazz too.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day through the years.


2013 with my Mom.

Provo City Half Marathon

At the very end of March a Groupon came out for a huge discount on the Provo City Half and Full Marathon. Normally you can pay up to $100 for a race, but this was only going to be $35. I figured why not, I have a month. I signed up and convinced 2 other friends to as well. The Sunday before the race they told me that they weren't going to run because they weren't prepared. I wasn't prepared either but knew that I could do it. 
I talked my friend and neighbor, Brooke, to run in one of their places instead. We got up at 4 am to make it down to Provo before the last bus took the runners to the starting point at South Fork park up Provo Canyon. It was a cold morning and even though fires were going in the fire pits, there were too many people to get close enough to the warmth. We dropped jackets and gloves along the way.
The race was giving all proceeds to cancer research and since I'm a survivor I thought it was fitting for me to run the race. I embroidered "Cancer Survivor" on the back of a running shirt. It's crooked so I'm standing off to make it look straight. I had a few people tell me good job and asked what kind of cancer it was as I ran along.

 Brooke kicked butt and finished 30 minutes before me with a time of 1:44. I finished in 2:16. My legs were beat for a few days following the race, but I'm happy with my time considering my lack of training. My goal is to someday get under 2 hours. I was really close 5 years ago. Best time ever is 2:03. Someday, I have lots of races ahead of me.
Next big race for me is the Big Cottonwood Marathon in September. I'll be running a couple 5 and 10K's in between while I train all summer long. I'm excited to start riding my bikes too. I took a road bike ride a week ago and the trails are almost dry so that I can mountain bike again.
 I'm really just truly grateful that I can exercise at all. I've been so blessed.

10 years

10 years ago Cody whisked me away to be his wife.
 We graduated from BYU together.
Moved across the country and he graduated with a doctoral degree.
 Moved several times and ended up with 4 beautiful kids.
 Conquered a brain tumor and being bald together.
 Traveled to Mexico 6 times.
And made it to a big milestone. 
10 years together - and an eternity left to spend.
Cody had this awesome gift made for me.
Cody is wonderful and thankfully has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I'm a lucky girl.

Field Trip to the Dairy

Cole had a field trip to the dairy farm back in April. I took Aubrey along too, probably Blake too, I really don't remember. It is right down the road from our house. We've gone a couple times to get ice cream. Aubrey's kindergarten teachers family owns the place.

 We learned about different types of cows. The black and white cows are Holstein.
 They were able to feed Geraldine carrots. He is the only steer on the farm and kept separate from all the other cows. He's really big and his long wet tongue got the kids a few times.
 After learning how the milk is processed the kids were each given ice cream. Apparently my kids don't know how to eat ice cream very well. Cole kept eating from the side and bottom of the cone.
 My little baby slipped into a chair at McDonald's while I was in Maryland and is face is slowly recovering.

Blake, bums and ballet

Blake is a little ham when he gets his picture taken. We don't normally take pictures in the tub, or naked at all, but he really wanted me to take his picture.
 Then he flipped over and insisted in his whiny 2 year old voice to take a picture of his bum. Good thing it's so cute!
 And then whenever we are dressed he grabs the comb and we brush his hair. I have a feeling he's going to be a little heart breaker.
 Aubrey is taking ballet and actually has her first recital tonight and tomorrow. My Mom made her this skirt for her birthday. She loves it and proudly wears it each week.
 After dropping Aubrey off at dance one evening I drove the kids around the east side of Heber and we saw all these deer in a field. Its funny how we see deer on an almost daily basis but they don't get sick of them. I'm waiting for the day when we hit one. I don't plan on it, but we have a dense deer/turkey population in the mountains.

Take Me Home - 1st grade program

 The first grade classes at Tucker's school had their program back in Midway. I was so impressed by it. I should have invited all my family to see the fabulous production. It was title "Take me home A tribute to Midway".
Tucker and his friend Tanner.

Probably my favorite part of the show. Tucker has 4 Grandpas and none of them could make it.
Tucker had the first speaking part of the entire show. The mics didn't work very well and you could hardly understand what was being said.

 I believe they are singing Take Me Home in this clip.
Tucker and his friend Ethan.

I'm glad my Mom was able to come up for the show. It was really well done and must have been quite the task with 4 1st grade classes.