Tuesday, January 27, 2009


COLE MICHAEL CALDERWOOD! He was born yesterday morning at 11:24am. He weighed 7lbs. 11oz. and is 19inches long. I called the hospital at 6:00 yesterday morning and was told to be at St. Marks by 7:30am. It had been snowing and traffic was slow going down Parleys Canyon, so we arrived a little late, but were put right into our room. I got all hooked up to my IV, received some pitocin and my epidural before any pain kicked in. My doctor came, broke my water and about 40 minutes later I pushed once and little Cole joined our world! I am pretty lucky that my deliveries are extremely easy. I didn't have to have an episiotomy and received just one stitch. He is so dang cute and even has some red in his hair!
Cody's parents took Tucker and Aubrey Sunday night so we wouldn't have to worry about dropping them off Monday morning. They brought them by the hospital last night and it was so fun to see their reactions to "baby brother". Tucker knew that it was baby Cole and was so excited to show others that came to visit his new brother.
Aubrey was sooo excited to see the baby and kept trying to grab him and hold him.
Aubrey doesn't realize that Cole is an actual baby. She thinks he's a doll that she calls "my baby!"
So, there you have it! We are now a family of 5!
We checked out of the hospital this morning and Cody, Cole and I have been resting at home. The grandparents are keeping Tucker and Aubrey until Thursday when my Mom will bring them up and come stay for awhile.
Thank you to all of our family members that came by to see us in the hospital and at home. It was nice to be here in Utah where relatives are actually around. My Dad and Cody's parents hadn't seen any of our babies until their blessing weekends, so it was fun to share the "newborn" experience with them.
We are all doing well and are excited to have Cole in our family. Feel free to give us a call or drop by for a visit if you are in the area!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


will be gone tomorrow!
Aubrey's night before bump.
Tucker's night before bump.

I thought I was feeling smaller with this pregnancy than the others, but looking at the pictures, it looks like I'm bigger than with Aubrey. Or at least I look a bit rounder. I call in at 6:00 tomorrow morning to find out what time to be at the hospital. Hopefully by early afternoon this little guy will be in my arms! Here's to the end of 9 eventful months. Cody graduated from dental school, we moved to Colorado Springs, we moved to Utah and bought our own dental practice. You never know what crazy twists life will bring you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Park City Dentistry

I've been at my practice now for three wonderful weeks, and I thought that it was high time I posted some pictures of it for you all to see. It is located in the Snow Creek shopping plaza, right off the two main roads for Park City- Park Avenue and Kearns Boulevard. It is a great, highly visible location. My office is right next door to an urgent care clinic. Therefore when people run into trees on the ski hill, they go to the clinic to get their face sewn up, then they come to us to have their teeth fixed!

My office is on the end of the plaza, kind of plain looking from the outside, but oh well, I still like it. (especially the views of the half-pipe and terrain park from the windows of our office) The entrance is the door on the right of the photo (sorry I cut it off).

This is the entry way to the office, you come in the door from the right side of the photo.

This is the waiting area you see to your left as you come in the office.

This is the receptionist desk where you are greeted with smiling faces. The sign on the right is our practice logo.

This is one of our operatories. It is a very high tech office that includes a cerec machine, digital x-rays, soft tissue laser, diagnodent laser, one hour chair side tooth bleaching, intraoral cameras, tv's for patients to watch while they receive their dental treatment, and many more cool toys and amenities.

As you sit in the chair, you also get awesome views of the ski resort and the mountains. It's an amazing set up.

If you would have told me in high school that I would own a dental practice in Park City, I would have told you that you were crazy but would have been very excited at the same time. This practice is a dream come true and I'm loving it. The staff are all great and very knowledgeable. They make going to work easy and fun. Feel free to swing by some time and say hi if you are in the neighborhood. Just be careful this week since it's the Sundance Film Festival. Traffic is insane with all the movie goers and celebrities in town.

Here are a few more photos of Park City and what I get to look at to inspire a visit from you all:

A view of historic Main Street in Park City.

A view of the ski resort.

A view of the half-pipe that you can easily see from our office.
Well, that's it for now. Feel free to come up, enjoy the beauty and say hi.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Halfway there!

I had my last doctor's appointment this morning and am already dilated to a 5! Wahoo! I was dilated to a 4 with Aubrey for a couple weeks before her induction and delivery was fast and easy. This baby will probably slide out after one push as well. I can't wait for Monday!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Should I be concerned...

Yesterday morning Tucker came into our room and to my surprise my son was wearing tights! What does this mean?!! No underwear, just Aubrey's tights. Apparently he got up to go to the bathroom, had a little accident on his clothes and thought tights would be the best choice as a replacement. : ) As a couple side notes, we FINALLY have blinds in our house. They are definitely one of those items you take for granted when living in a place that already has them. Now we can actually use our master bathroom and the brown paper and blankets have been taken down around the house.

I had my first Utah doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I'm going to be induced on Monday the 26th. Can't wait! Only 10 more days to go.

Yesterday I went shopping at the outlets in Park City. Probably the last time I'll shop by myself with the kids. My double stroller is awesome, but really, 3 kids age 3 and under at the store. I don't think so!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Deer Valley

I went skiing today at Deer Valley with my good buddy Joe Fullmer. He's in town visiting from Chicago, so we hooked up to hit the slopes. Sorry I don't have any pictures of us, as we currently don't have a small portable camera thanks to the kids. Also, I normally go skiing with my favorite ski partner, Lisa, but as she is about to pop with the baby, she decided to pass.

The skiing was great and I had a fun time with Joe, his wife Stephanie and his mom. I really loved the 10 minute drive from our house to the gondola. So nice! It's crazy that today was my first time ever skiing at Deer Valley. For all the years I have been skiing in Utah, I never made it there because I always thought it was a really yuppy, over rated resort with too many green runs. Boy was I wrong! I now see why it is consistantly rated as the number 1 ski resort in America. The staff was very friendly, there were next to zero wait times for the lifts, the people that ski there are actually quite tollerable, and the terrain was very good with a fantastic variety of blacks, blues and greens. Not to mention the incredible views of Park City, the Wasatch Mountains, Jordanelle reservoir, and the Uintahs in the distance. I am now a fan.

Also, I was very pleased with my ski equipment. The boots were comfortable and warm the whole day and the skis really carved like champs. They are most excellent on groomers, so now I'm anxious to see how they perform in powder.

If any of you are looking to save some major mula, go check out the website www.evogear.com. That's where I got all my stuff. If you do your research and then go check out the outlet section, you can come away like a bandit. I got my never been used K2 skis for $90. Boo yah! I figure that I saved around $1500 on my whole set up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cabin Weekend

It's been over a year since we were able to make it up to my family's cabin near Oakley, UT. We now only live about 35 minutes away and there's been a lot of snow, so we took advantage of it and went up for part of the weekend. Cody's parents met us at our house and we drove up. We had fun snowmobiling, playing games and of course the guys watched football. I thought this was a cute picture of Cerola (Cody's mom) and Aubrey.

Cody tried out his new toys (skis, boots, bindings and poles) from the past few months and was towed behind the snowmobile. He said it was like water skiing, but a bit scarier when I was taking him 45-50 miles per hour and he was crossing the wake.
Tucker hauled around Cody's poles and would try to stand in the way of his path. Cody came by and picked Tucker up as he was headed in to the barn.
I could have cared less that I am due in 3 weeks. If this baby wants to come now, go right ahead. I figured snowmobiling would only help my chances of him coming out sooner. My snowpants wouldn't zip up of course, but my friend lent me a coat that I can zip up which was awesome and warm!
I love the lighting with this picture. Aubrey did have fun, although you'd think otherwise looking at this picture. She was mad that I was driving with Tucker and she couldn't come with me too.
My Grandpa's cute cabin that he built when my Dad was in high school.
No, I haven't fallen and can't get up, I'm trying to teach Tucker the technique of snow angels. (Although it is very difficult to get up in the snow!)
Tucker had fun making snowballs and playing around.
Cruising along through the field below the cabin.
Did anyone check out the awesome full moon on Saturday night?
These last two pictures aren't from this weekend, but ones I snapped earlier in the week at our house. We have about 3 feet of snow and they were "helping" me shovel the driveway.
Tucker loves his animals and decided that his giraffes needed some snowtime as well. Unfortunately for one of his giraffes, it was so cold that it's tail fell off. (At least that's what I told Tucker. Really what do you expect from an 88 cent Walmart giraffe?)

It was a fun weekend. Heather and Dan came up Saturday night to the cabin for a few hours, slept over at our house, and then they came with us to church. After church we went back up to the cabin to spend the afternoon hanging out and playing games. We enjoyed the time up there with Dan and Heather.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Other Random Events

Cody drove into town on New Years Eve and met his office staff for the first time. He then came "home" and we continued to unpack with the help of some of my family. We took my Mom and brother to dinner and then they left with our kids so that we could hangout with our friends the Dyers for New Years Eve. Ringing in the New Year with Mike and Leah. We had a great time talking and eating!

The next day we had a get together with some of our Maryland dental friends the Wades and Richins. Again, great food, friends and this time U of U football made for a fun night!

Aubrey has successfully transitioned into a toddler bed since sleeping in our new house. Tucker is now in a twin bed and Aubrey took over the toddler. It's like she doesn't move at all when she's sleeping. I love it! We are in a 5 bedroom house, but still have Tucker and Aubrey sharing. It's good for them, plus it gives them a playroom, the baby gets a room, Cody and I have our room and we have an office.
And last but not least, a Calderwood post wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous picture of the view from our house! This morning the temperature was -10, very cold, but Mount Timpanogas was beautiful!
We now finally have internet, I have a cell phone, we own a washer and dryer and refridgerator. Hopefully in the next day or two we'll have blinds up in our house, we'll have a home phone number and we should have tv by the end of the week.
Cody's first official day is tomorrow, although he did go into the office on Friday and saw a couple emergency patients that stopped by. We love it here in Midway and are so glad we are back in Utah!

Moving In

Last Sunday morning, my brother-in-law, Dan, drove the moving truck, I followed with Tucker in our Subaru, and Heather drove her truck with Aubrey and we caravaned out of Colorado Springs. A normal 8.5 hour drive turned into 12 as we made our way to Utah. The winds were crazy and we saw 8 semis tipped over on the side of the freeway. We didn't mind going slow (and we couldn't go over 70 anyway with the moving truck) and after dropping the moving truck off at the Midway house, drove down to my parents to spend the night. Cody was by himself in our empty townhouse, but luckily some great friends invited him over for dinner Monday night so he wouldn't spend his last night completely alone.

I dropped the kids off at my in laws Monday morning and my family and I drove up to the house to move everything in. It's crazy the amount of stuff you don't think you have as everything gets unloaded from a truck. Cody and I both felt bad that we couldn't help unload stuff, but what can you do when one of you is in a different state and the other is 8 months pregnant.

I don't have many pictures of moving into our house. I was busy directing people on where to put our belongings and didn't think to grab my camera until the truck was unloaded.

Thank you to my family for helping out and Cody's friend Dave that dropped by to help out too. Really, I couldn't have done it without you!

My siblings and I. Spencer, Kevin, me and Heather.

Moving Out

Last Saturday we picked up our moving truck and moved all of our belongings into 26 ft. (We don't really have that much stuff, but they didn't have the 22ft truck that we ordered.) Tucker and Aubrey helped me clear stuff off of the shelves in the packing process.

My sister and her husband helped us with packing and moving. It is sooo great having family help!
Unfortunately we lost 4 pieces of furniture in the loading process. A desk, entertainment center, bookshelf and toy organizer. Oh well, we had fun demolishing and finishing them off and we've learned not to buy furniture that you are going to move around from Walmart and Target!

The crew from our ward that helped us move out. Thank you!
We had everything loaded in the truck in probably an hour and then spent the rest of the day cleaning and playing games on our laptops with my sister and her husband.

Christmas Pics

My last post was about Christmas, but I had already packed up the transfer cable for our camera. These are just a couple of my favorite pictures of the kids. Tucker really wanted a Hippo, so he received Hungry Hungry Hippo and Aubrey is always wanting to wear Tucker's backpack, so she received her own.