Monday, February 23, 2009

To sum it all up...

These past two weeks have been busy busy busy.
*Cody was able to go skiing 3 times in 1 week. Probably won't go again this season though (correction, he was just given another free pass from a patient).
*The house we currently are renting was listed on the market. Now I have to attempt to keep it clean more often.
*We kicked Cole out of our room in an effort to produce more sleep for us.
*We are still very sleep deprived. Cole likes to suck in air and is super loud when he eats.
*Aubrey used a jar of Vaseline to grease her hair. About 6 shampoos, 3 dish soaps, and 2 cornstarch washes later it finally came out.
*We were able to hangout for a bit with our dental school friends, Justin and Erin, while they were in town.
*I had dinner with a bunch of my Powerful Precision clogging friends.
*Cody's brother and family flew into town for a visit.
*We discovered LeapFrog's Letter Factory. Awesome for kids!
*Cody attended the dental convention held at the Salt Palace and saw a bunch of Maryland graduates.
*We hungout with various friends and are behind on sleep.
*I found a preschool for Tucker to attend in the fall.
*I finally found time to workout to a DVR'd aerobic show. I've got a long way to go.
*Cole turned 4 weeks old. Where oh where does the time go?
*And finally, we put an offer on a house! Yikes! I cannot believe how much paperwork goes into that!

You will rarely see Tucker without an animal in his hand, and he usually wants me to take pictures of them, and not him.

Mmmm. Strawberry shortcake, minus the strawberries.
Did I ever tell you that we have a GIANT gorilla in our house? A story for another day.
G & G Calderwood have this awesome rocking horse that the kids play on. Aubrey and Tucker will put one hand in the air and say "ride on cowboy!".
Hanging out at our house with the Calderwoods.Aubrey and her cousin Caeden. Spaghetti should be outlawed for little kids.
Aunt Kristin, Cole, Beckham and Aubrey.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm coming back for...

Hey all my Maryland friends! I'm flying back to Baltimore March 12-15th to perform in this amazing Irish dance production by the Teelin Irish Dance Company. The show is on Saturday, March 14th at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick at 3:00pm. If you decide to come to the show let me know so that I can see you after! I'd love to see as many of you as possible (I'll be going to the Hampstead Ward for church). Cole and I will be staying with the Shumway's and Huff's so hopefully we can catch up. See you all soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ski Day

One of my patients sold me some Deer Valley tickets for $30 a piece this past week (normally $83). I bought 4 of them and was stoked to go skiing for so cheap. Yesterday my dad and I went up to use two of them. It was an amazing day. We started out with some fresh powder from the storm that blew in the night before. Once we rode the lifts to the top, we were above the clouds and had gorgeous sunshine along with some fantastic views of the Uintas and the surrounding valleys (click on photos to enlarge and appreciate the detail).

A photo of me and my helmet. If you watch me ski, you would know why I cherish that helmet. I have to protect my melon.

This shot of my dad shows the valley where we live in the background. As a bird flies we are only a few miles from the resort.

At about 1:00 some clouds rolled in and the large, heavy snow flakes started falling. It made for some very scenic, enjoyable skiing for the last few hours of the day.

The comparison pictures

I've had some people ask to see comparison pictures of the kids. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those mom's that puts my kids in the exact same pose or outfit to get those "same" shots. Instead, you get 3 pictures of each kid. It starts with Cole, then Aubrey and ends with Tucker. Looking at the pictures I can't really tell who looks like who. I think they are each a good mix of Cody and me. Most people have mentioned that Cole looks like Aubrey. I guess that could be true.

As a random side note, last week we bought a piano! I'm so excited to have it. Although if you live in Maryland and are considering a piano, even though you'll have to move it, you'll probably get one for free on Craigslist or in the Pennysaver. Utah just doesn't give away things for free. We still got a good deal, and my dad is a piano teacher and tuner, so I've got the hookups, but if you want a free piano, buy out of state!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pics of the Kids

We've almost made it through the first week! Not too bad yet considering we haven't spent an entire day with just our family. Extended family is a wonderful thing. : )

So, I thought it was hard to get 2 kids to sit still for a picture, 3 is going to be impossible! Just a cute picture of our little guy!
Tucker adores Cole and is so gentle with him. When he wants to hold him he sits on the couch and grabs a pillow to put on his lap. They he gently touches his head and cheeks. So cute! I'm glad that they have this kind of a relationship already.
Looking at his Daddy!
Cole is a good little baby so far. I'm not sure what newborn isn't! He sleeps a ton, eats well, poops well and is so cute when he is awake and stares at you with his little eyes.