Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Dentist Appointment

Yesterday Cody had Tucker come in for his first dentist appointment. I really had no idea how he would react to this. I tried to take Tucker to the dentist before we moved from Maryland in May - and well, let's just say we didn't even make it to sit in the chair. The nearest pediatric dentist that our insurance allowed us to go to was the dental school, and no offense to the school, but I wasn't going to haul Tucker down there for what would have ended up being several appointments.

We arrived at Cody's office and Tucker had his finger puppets in hand. Cody, I mean Dr. Calderwood, put the movie Cars up on the ceiling. Tucker was perfect and now is cavity free. Great job Cody and thank you Tucker for being so good!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture of the Week

While at work yesterday in the consult room, I was talking with a patient when the screen saver popped up on the computer and began scrolling through some random photos. This one came up on the screen, and both the patient and I started laughing away. Enjoy the picture of the week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work Website

Our work website ( is up and running, and you can go check out my bio on it. (

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This post is followed by a LOT of posts from our vacation to Utah. I didn't want to do one massive post so I broke it up. Of course it starts backwards, so if you want to read them in order, start here and work your way back up. I'm sure it won't interest all of you, but I still think of this blog as a journal and wanted to document our fun trip. Good luck scrolling through!

Heather and Dan's Wedding Day

My cute sister got married on Tuesday, August 19th in the Bountiful LDS Temple. It was a beautiful day with only a slight hangup or two. (My aunt went to pick up Heather's bouquet the morning of the wedding and it wasn't even made! She had to wait 45 minutes for them to throw one together.)

They are a great looking couple and it was so fun to be a part of it. Mckenna waiting for them to come out.
The new couple! Mr. and Mrs. Pelfrey.
Tucker was kept entertained with the fountains. Unfortunately, when we pulled him away for pictures he wasn't too happy.

Our growing Foster family.
Spencer, Heather, Dan, me and Kevin.
A good shot of us at the luncheon.
Waiting at the reception. Not looking too thrilled to be there.
Heather's colors were purple and green and everyone looked great! I love the little girl dresses!
There was an open pool in the middle of the backyard at the reception. Once the evening was started I looked over and saw Tucker standing in the water with his shoes and socks on. I didn't care at that point anymore at trying to keep him out of the water, so I gave in and by the end of the night he was swimming on the stairs. Good thing I had a pair of pajamas to get him warm afterward!
One of my great friends, Dayna, came up for the reception. She clogged with Heather and I up at Ricks/BYU-ID.
My dad is in a band and so he was the entertainment for the evening (he hasn't stood in any of our wedding lines). They started doing the conga and the next thing I knew, Tucker was off chasing the back of the line.
Dancing with Dan.
Beautiful Heather!
My cousins helped watch my kids throughout the night. Cody had to work the next morning, so he flew out about when the reception was starting. (Luckily Cody's parents were nice enough to take him to the airport with the kids. It was a much needed break. As in most pictures with my kids, they just would not cooperate and SMILE! When we get the photographers pictures back I'll post those and you'll see what I mean!)
It was a great day and I think everyone had a fun time. My parents and brother and I stayed up late helping to clean up and talking. It's so fun being able to come back and see family and friends that I haven't seen in years. Heather and Dan are off on their honeymoon now and I flew back with the kids to Colorado last night. Thanks Mom and Dad and Mickey and Cerola for putting up with us for 2 weeks! We had so much fun!

Grandma's 80th Birthday Party

My Grandma Grant celebrated her 80th birthday and we had a huge get together for her party. It was the night before Heather's wedding, so everyone was able to meet Dan's family as well. My sister-in-law Lisa, Haley, Heather, Alisha and Robyn. Tucker helping Grandma blow her candles out as he's being dragged away.
The gang.
And no party is complete without a little wrestling. Cody flew back into town just in time for the party. He's wrestling his soon to be brother-in-law.

Spending time with Kevin's family

My older brother, Kevin, and his wife, Lisa, have 3 kids that Tucker and Aubrey have a great time hanging with. We went down to their house for a BBQ one night. Kevin has a little motorcycle that he took some of the kids for a ride on. My dad, sister-Heather, and niece Halle.
Tucker, Parker and Mckenna playing with the jeep.
Eating Heather's gluten free cupcakes. I didn't get to try them, but apparently everyone loved them.
My parents.
Kevin and Lisa.
Tucker, Aubrey and Halle making interesting artwork.
We went to the zoo as well when we were there. Tucker and Mckenna loved the lion water fountain.
When Aubrey decided she was done walking, she'd plop herself on the ground. Notice her lovely scab.
Zoo pictures are never complete without an animal. I was impressed, because most of the animals were very active and outside where you could see them.
Tucker took Mckenna's hand and dragged her all over the place saying, "Follow me Kenna, come on."
An attempt at a cousins picture.
An attempt at a picture of the three of us. Tucker is in that stage where he's lots of fun to play with and be around, but the moment you want him to sit still for pictures - that's the end of it and he won't have it! So frustrating!


Cody flew home on the 10th because he had to work (I guess that's what non-student life is like:), so I spent the week hanging out with friends and helping with wedding preps for my sister's wedding.
This is one of my best friends from high school and college, Jenny, and her two kids-Taelor and Jordan. We got together for dinner at the Mayan and had fun catching up. Aubrey was watching an airplane and Tucker just didn't want his picture taken. I'm such a mean mom that I hold him down and get these shots.
Before Cody left, we hungout with Mike and Leah Dyer. Leah and I were duet partners all growing up in clogging. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kept Addy and Tucker busy so we could stay up and talk.
My grandparents have a pool and seeing as my kids haven't been swimming at all this year I took them a couple times throughout the week. I wish I could take them more, because they aren't quite as comfortable with the water as they were last year. I think swimming lessons are in the plans for next summer.
I took this picture right before Aubrey decided that she wanted to walk and fall. She didn't have her arms out and fell right on her eyebrow.

I went swimming with my other best friend from high school, Maquel, and her little boy Stockton. Then we met up with our friend Karen and her two kids, Easton and Kallie for lunch.
I don't think kids like getting their pictures taken. (Aubrey, Tucker, Easton and Stockton)

Park City and Spencer's Birthday

The first weekend we were in Utah we headed up to Park City with Cody's parents. Tucker couldn't decide which cowboy hat he like the best - so we got them all. (j/k) Waiting out in front of a pizza place on main street. We drove over Guardsman Pass on our way home and it was beautiful! I can't get enough of the Utah mountains. They are amazing!
We also celebrated my brother Spencer's 15th birthday

And of course any trip wouldn't be complete without some piano time with Grandpa. (Aubrey, Parker and my dad) I seriously can't wait until we own a house so that we can have a piano. My kids love it!

What were you doing on 8-8-08?

Our family flew to Utah on the 7th so that we could attend my cute cousin April's wedding the next day. I think a million other couple's decided to get married on 8-8-08 as well, but who cares, they were adorable and I really didn't feel like the temple or the grounds were out of control with people. Introducing April and Nate Nielsen.

If you know Cody, you know I have a hard time getting good, decent, normal looking pictures of us. This is what happens when you tell him to smile. : )
My dad's brother-Brian, his wife-Deeann, April, Nate, Melissa and my cousin Preston. We grew up doing so much together and it was fun to be able to be in town for the wedding.
Waiting for the bride to exit the building.