Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ski Days

Cody and I grew up skiing and have been excited to have our kids learn to ski as well. We decided we weren't going to do diaper skiing and wait until our kids were 5 before we put them in ski school. Tucker learned a couple years ago and we were able to take him with us a couple times last year before I found out about my tumor. On January 12th, we took Tucker and Aubrey skiing at Brighton. Aubrey was in a lesson all morning and we were able to ski with Tucker. He loves going through the trees. He had a great day until his final run when he was run over from behind by a snowboarder. Cody had to take him to ski patrol just to make sure he didn't break any ribs.
 When Aubrey was done with her lesson we met for lunch in the lodge. We happened to see my cousin and his wife too. Loren and I took ski school together when we were 7.
 After yummy expensive Nachos, chili and hot chocolate, we took both kids down the slope. Aubrey is learning, but she didn't quite get turning or stopping down. I took her back to the car and Tucker and Cody did his final run.
 My Grandpa Foster gave all the great grandkids snow hats for Christmas. Aubrey received compliments on hers the whole day she was skiing. She'd just smile and say "thanks". She needs more practice, but she loves it and had fun. That really is the main goal of skiing - no tears and happy, warm kids. The weekend we skied at Brighton the temps were super freezing. It was -22 degrees that night in Midway and one of our pipes froze. My toes and fingers were cold while skiing, but the kids were champs and didn't complain.
Cody had work off on the 11th and went skiing at the Canyons with his friend Ryan Taylor. They are both doctors, and had to get their powder runs in before getting back to patients. Cody is growing a beard and he titled this picture, Face shots  + beard = chin igloo.
 On Monday, January 28th, we pulled Tucker and Aubrey out of school for the day to go skiing at the Canyons. We had free day passes from going to the Warren Miller ski movie, but they can't be used on the weekends, so we chose a Monday Cody didn't have to work. The Canyons has an all day ski school program we decided to put Aubrey in. Little did we know that they have a Locals only program too. For $39, Aubrey had a 6 hour private lesson, lunch and rentals. Normally this costs $183. It pays to live in Utah! It was awesome because she ended up being the only kid in her class. A sweet deal for all of us. Tucker struggled a bit at first with his fear of being hit by a skier or snowboarder again, but he did well and we skied mainly blues all day. It snowed over the weekend so we had powder, blue skies and a wonderful day. All of our legs hurt on Tuesday. Skiing with a beginner is more work. Lots of pizzas/wedges that make your thighs and calves burn. Aubrey learned so much more in this 1 on 1 class and we could see her making turns and progress. Our next ski day will be at Deer Valley with some passes Cody received from a patient.
We seem to only take our camera out while on the chair lift or resting in the lodge.


Laurel said...

What an amazing deal for Aubry! I'd take all the kids up at that price!

Lisa said...

Cody, that chin igloo looks good on you!

Marisa said...

I can't believe how awesome that price is for Aubrey, wish we had that up here! They look cute and it's great that you've been able to enjoy the snow so much!