Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spending time with Kevin's family

My older brother, Kevin, and his wife, Lisa, have 3 kids that Tucker and Aubrey have a great time hanging with. We went down to their house for a BBQ one night. Kevin has a little motorcycle that he took some of the kids for a ride on. My dad, sister-Heather, and niece Halle.
Tucker, Parker and Mckenna playing with the jeep.
Eating Heather's gluten free cupcakes. I didn't get to try them, but apparently everyone loved them.
My parents.
Kevin and Lisa.
Tucker, Aubrey and Halle making interesting artwork.
We went to the zoo as well when we were there. Tucker and Mckenna loved the lion water fountain.
When Aubrey decided she was done walking, she'd plop herself on the ground. Notice her lovely scab.
Zoo pictures are never complete without an animal. I was impressed, because most of the animals were very active and outside where you could see them.
Tucker took Mckenna's hand and dragged her all over the place saying, "Follow me Kenna, come on."
An attempt at a cousins picture.
An attempt at a picture of the three of us. Tucker is in that stage where he's lots of fun to play with and be around, but the moment you want him to sit still for pictures - that's the end of it and he won't have it! So frustrating!