Monday, August 4, 2008

Falcon Trail

Saturday morning I went mountain biking with John Adams. We decided to test the Falcon Trail that loops around and through the Air Force Academy. I always doubted how cool this trail really would be because of its popularity, but both John and I were very surprised and pleased with the not only the variety on the trail, but the steep climbs, the fast descents and the great scenery. I loved the trail even if I am a little saddle sore today after doing the 12 mile loop (I know, I'm out of shape).
I found this cool 3D image online of the trail (don't worry it's not brown like that in real life). This is looking to the north, and the trail portions at the top-right of the image are where you hit some long, steep climbs only to be rewarded with some killer downhill.
It was a beautiful day, but we should have gotten started a few hours earlier due to the extreme heat we had that day. Leave it to me to go out biking in the 95 degree heat. Oh well, that which doesn't kill you....
This is a view looking west toward the academy and the trail.

It's so fun to be able to go biking on a trail surrounded by trees. I loved that about biking in Maryland, having trees everywhere. This is on my list of recommended rides and I will be going back there again soon. Now if only I could convince Lisa to go mountain biking too....


Mr. Dizzle said...

That does look fun, I'll meet you after work tonight and we can ride the loop.
Actually, I'm too fat to climb. I'll stay home with Lisa and you can ride by yourself.
See ya tonight.

Justin & Erin Linton Family said...

HOME SWEET HOME!! Love the colorado mountains and all the trails.. Enjoy them you guys. Lisa, it really is fun!