Friday, August 1, 2008

Ode to Lasers

I have been using the laser in our office alot more this past week, and I am now a true believer in lasers. I was so impressed at what they can do, I decided to do a dorky little shout out for "lasers".
Lasers have always held a special place in my heart. Whether it was my cousin Russell teaching me to sing "Jesus wants me for a laser beam!" when I was little, or Austin Powers saying that he wants to have frickin' sharks with frickin' "laser" beams attached to their frickin' heads, or even Rizwan and Bryce in dental school that would use the finger quotes every time a professor referenced "lasers", I have always loved lasers.
Now that I have done several cases involving the laser, I wanted to convince my other dental buddies to look into lasers, and to convince my family and friends who aren't dentists of how painless and quick these bad boys are.
One of the lasers we use in our office is the Biolase EZlase. It seriously looks like an ipod and isn't much bigger either.
Well, last week I was in the middle of a root canal, when it suddenly started hemorrhaging uncontrollably. I was really frustrated when all the usual techniques failed to stop the bleeding. Dr. Miller suggested using the biolase to cauterize the apex. Brilliant! So I hooked up the laser, zapped the canal a few times, and voila! I had a super dry canal that was now ready for obturation. So cool.

I have also been able to do some crown lengthening surgeries (with the waterlase) and some gingival contouring on patients. Let me just say that with lasers these procedures are WAY faster, easier and way less painful for the patient. For any that have done frenectomies with the blade, you would become immediately enamorated with lasers after one procedure. So amazing.

Not my pictures, but a good example of how well the gingiva recovers from a gingivectomy.
So there you have it, a nerdy dental post to mix things up.


Kevin said...

Gesh... if you weren't a dentist I'd call you a dork. lol Having the right tools for the job is always the best. See you guys in a few days.

Spencer said...

I didn't know you were sponsered by biolase.........nah just playn.
In one of the clinics I work in we have one of the big hard and soft tissue lasers, but it just sits in the corner. I think that you've convinced me to pull it out and have someone who knows show me me how it works so I can get one for the office after the the way that mechanical mule is sweet, but kind of creepy!

Carson Calderwood said...

45mm files on those short MB2's always creates some pretty severe bleeding. Did you also notice that funny looking gray matter that came out with the file?...that was the brain!

Carter Family said...

Well, Mister fancy pants. I hope you enjoy your new fangled "laser-beams." In the meantime I get to practice with old equiptment from 1982. Advantage: you...dang...sucker!

Mr. Dizzle said...

Pictures of diseased teeth are for sickos.

Anonymous said...

So who do I talk to to get my LASER option on my IPOD. Can I get a lightsaber option as well?