Thursday, August 21, 2008


Cody flew home on the 10th because he had to work (I guess that's what non-student life is like:), so I spent the week hanging out with friends and helping with wedding preps for my sister's wedding.
This is one of my best friends from high school and college, Jenny, and her two kids-Taelor and Jordan. We got together for dinner at the Mayan and had fun catching up. Aubrey was watching an airplane and Tucker just didn't want his picture taken. I'm such a mean mom that I hold him down and get these shots.
Before Cody left, we hungout with Mike and Leah Dyer. Leah and I were duet partners all growing up in clogging. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kept Addy and Tucker busy so we could stay up and talk.
My grandparents have a pool and seeing as my kids haven't been swimming at all this year I took them a couple times throughout the week. I wish I could take them more, because they aren't quite as comfortable with the water as they were last year. I think swimming lessons are in the plans for next summer.
I took this picture right before Aubrey decided that she wanted to walk and fall. She didn't have her arms out and fell right on her eyebrow.

I went swimming with my other best friend from high school, Maquel, and her little boy Stockton. Then we met up with our friend Karen and her two kids, Easton and Kallie for lunch.
I don't think kids like getting their pictures taken. (Aubrey, Tucker, Easton and Stockton)


Maquel said...

It was sure fun to see you! It looks like the wedding was a success. Very beautiful, too.

Karen, Mackay & Easton said...

maquel gets a "best friend" and i just get "friend". see if i pick up stuff from ikea for you anymore!! =) fun pics and fun to see you...your family is so great and i am glad i was able to see so many of them again!