Monday, August 4, 2008

America the Beautiful Park

It's pretty fitting for Colorado Springs to have a park named after the famous song that was written here. I took the kids this morning and they LOVED it! This was one water type park that they didn't mind getting wet at! Tucker refuses to wear his swimsuit or swim diaper so he was drenched by the end, but still loved every minute. (I guess he's just trying to protect his white skin that he inherited from his Daddy!) He actually let me change him into his swimsuit for the ride home though. : )
Aubrey ran around splashing and having fun! Here they are trying to scoot themselves along in the water.

If I wasn't in the water the whole time with him, Tucker would come grab my hand so we could run through the water together. He also liked to copycat the boys playing around us and was a little fish by the end.


The Taylor's said...

Colorado looks beautiful! I really miss the mountains and love seeing pictures of them. Your kids are so cute, and I love seeing them splash in the water. Morgan and Emery love water...I don't think Morgan could ever get enough of pools. Have you enjoyed Colorado? Do you have a good ward? We're in the market to get a new job which may involve moving....we're open to options!

April said...

The boys always ask to go to this park...they are water boys. Oh and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that there is always an ice cream sitting there the whole time we're in the water and by the end there is no way I can refuse it's so hot. We should go together sometime.