Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A birthday for the doctor!

We celebrated Cody's 31st birthday on Monday. He did have to work, but he loves his job so it wasn't a problem to go in. We recently bought a snowblower for Cody's birthday/Christmas present. Now it just needs to snow so he can use it. (Although I'm not complaining that it isn't snowing. Once it starts, it doesn't leave for a long time up here!) Aubrey dressed herself, can you tell! She's our little princess and knows it!
Last night we were able to get together with some of our dental friends from Cody's class. 3 of us live in Utah and the Hales were visiting, so we met up in Ogden for a pizza party. The handsome doctors!
The cutest wives!
All of our kiddos! Aubrey, Tucker, Cole, Will, Cassidy, Luke, Katelyn and Sarah.


Russell said...

HAPPY B-DAY CODY!!!! you can just snowblow your way all the way over here when the snow starts to fly!!! That should keep you busy.

Criag and Erin said...

Happy B-day Cody! We are thinking of you guys!