Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Stitch for Cole

Cole has been learning to walk around while holding on to things lately. He is very eager to be a big boy and will pull himself up onto anything within reach. Earlier today he happened to fall while in one of his adventurous moods. The poor kid hit the corner of some of the finish work in our house. He punctured his head and left a huge gash on his forehead. Lisa called the doctor's office and they said they were all booked up today and that we would have to go to the emergency room. When she called me I told her that I would just stitch him up once I got home from work to save the $100 + fee of going to the emergency room for something I can do on my own.
Well, when I got home I busted out my surgical first aid kit. I have been wanting to stitch somebody up outside of the office for a long time, so I was pumped to finally use the kit I had put together months ago.
Lisa held him down, and boy was he mad that he was immobile. I used some local anesthetic to numb his forehead up. I then used the iodine to disinfect the area then used some 6-0 silk suture material to place one little stitch.

Here is my handy work. First time I've done a stitch not in the mouth, and I must say that it is much easier to see and work when not wrestling with a tongue and cheek and when I have ample lighting. Cole was so happy to get out of Lisa's death grip, and within 10 seconds was back to his happy self and crawling around the house.
I think this kid is going to be a little too much like me and we might end up putting him in a helmet permanently to protect him from all the falls and bumps that await him.


Anonymous said...

That brings back so many memories. Way to go Cody on stiching him up and saving a $100.00. Wish we would of had someone that could of done that for us when you had all of those actidents. We could of probably save enough money to pay for your dental school. Poor little boy. He doesn't look like it hurts to bad. Like father like son. Mother

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, poor boy! good job Cody.... I'm curious.... who was taking the pictures? Tucker? :)

Marisa said...

Wow, and he's not even 1 yet! We've considered stitching up our kids' gashes before but because of the size & placement we've always opted for super glue so Carson hasn't had the opportunity... yet.

Carson Calderwood said...

I know your kid doesn't have any diseases so does that mean you wore gloves so that he wouldn't catch your diseases?