Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

It was so nice being able to be in our own house Christmas morning. Last year we technically were in our own place, but the whole house was boxed up because we moved 2 days later. When the kids woke up we had them wait at the top of the stairs and then run down to see what Santa brought them. Aubrey received a doll set with a stroller, swing, carseat, etc. and Tucker received his "journal" as he calls it, or his Leapster 2. We kind of slacked on Cole, but he'll never know. We took old toys and put new batteries in them and then wrapped and put them under the tree. Cheap and awesome!

After presents at our house we drove to Cody's parents for more presents and a delicious lunch. Tucker received his animal remote that he's been wanting forever! He's going to be the smartest kid ever. He can tell you all sorts of interesting facts about animals now.
Cole, Grandma and Kristin enjoying a Winnie the Pooh read.
Our little princess LOVES to help do the dishes. We've got a little Cinderella on our hands.
After we ate with Cody's family we went to my Grandparents house for more presents, games and food. (It's never ending isn't it?!!) We always play the white elephant trading game and have so much fun!

Cody and I received an early Christmas present and bought ourselves a little handheld camera. We love our Canon, but it is not convenient to carry on the go. We bought one with with video capabilities, they probably don't sell them without nowadays, but it is great for us because our video camera died over a year ago. Here's our one little video of the day, the kids discovering what Santa brought them.


Lettie said...

I LOVE your idea to just clean up, re-battery and wrap up old toys the kids don't use anymore. I'll have to remember that one!