Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

Cody started our Christmas Eve Day off by hitting the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort. One of his assistants received free passes, and we just can't pass up free, so he was off for the morning. We met him at his office at lunchtime and headed down to Sandy to spend time with family. While Aubrey was napping we took Tucker and Cole sledding behind Cody's parents house. Tucker has been wanting to play in the snow for sometime now, and loved every minute of it.

Tubing with Grandpa Calderwood.
Can't wipe the smile from his face.
Our sweet orange Walmart sled.
Our little snow batman. Surprisingly he did really well outside. He never cried and seemed content in the cold.
Trudging up the hill.
Cody received an emergency call that afternoon and so I went with him back to his office to help smooth down someone's tooth. Luckily for us, not her, she needs a crown so it turned out to be a very profitable emergency call. We met my family at Snowbird around 6:00. My dad was asked to provide music for a Christmas program that evening. First, everyone gathered outside to watch tons of skiers come down the mountain with red flares, then Santa rappelled out of the tram. It was really fun to watch. Can you see him there in the middle of the picture?
They gave everyone candles to light during their little ceremony. Who in their right mind thought giving candles to kids was a good idea? Luckily no hair or person was burned!
The girls enjoying their cookies and brownies.
Here's my dad, hard at work!
After the Snowbird Celebration we headed back to my parents house to open presents with the family. Cole is liking his new truck with Aunt Heather.
Aubrey received a pink tutu and some girlie things and was so funny opening them. She would grab something from the box and then twirl around, grab another item and twirl some more, again and again.
Tucker received a fun Noah's Ark puzzle to complete and hang in his animal themed room.
When we arrived home, Cody's sister was finishing one of the kids presents for us. Of course I haven't taken a picture of it, but will later. It's awesome!


Lisa said...

It was fun hanging out with you guys on Christmas eve! Who took that amazing picture of Santa at snowbird???