Monday, November 30, 2009

Seattle Thanksgiving

We decided to drive to Seattle to spend the weekend with Cody's brothers family. We left Wednesday morning, 5 am MST and made it there a little after 5 pm PST. The kids did awesome in the car! We've taken our kids on a lot of road trips and I'm so glad, they are used to it and do great for long periods of time. The kids all had a blast playing together. They showed us a fun kids browser called KidZui and they played on the computers a ton. Luckily we had 4 computers between us so each boy had their own. We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving. Marisa and Carson did a great job with the food and had everything decorated beautifully. I felt bad that all we brought was the sparkling cider - at least we were able to help cook the food.

On Friday we slept in and then Marisa and I took half the kids out shopping. I really wanted to be able to go to Toys R Us at midnight when they opened, but really, who wants to shop in the middle of the night. I missed the deal I was aiming for, but oh well, sleep beckoned and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Cody and Carson did dental work on each other while we shopped and then we met up with them later and went to Bellevue Square to let the kids play, shop and watch their annual Snowflake Lane parade.
Saturday morning we drove to downtown Seattle and had lunch outside Pike Place Market. It was a bit cold, but fun nonetheless. Below Cody is chasing the dumb pigeons with Cole.
Our little family looking out at the Puget Sound.
Carson and Marisa's family.
Aubrey, Tucker, Caeden and Beckham enjoying some Mike N Ikes.
The guys headed over to a friends house to watch the BYU/UofU game and Marisa and I made hair clips. After the game we had a mini Hampstead reunion with 3 families we used to live by and know when we were all living in Maryland. The Hartleys, Keppners and Nielsens.

Laura and I each had baby boys just a couple weeks apart and they were dressed in their Cougar pride!
Kevin K, Carson, Clark, Cody and Kevin N.
Chanel (due in 2 weeks!), me, Marisa, Julie and Laura
Carson got Cole to stand on his own for about 10 seconds. Cole was so excited he started clapping!
After all our friends left we had a mini Christmas with the kids and they were able to open their presents for each other.
We had a great time hanging out for the weekend! The drive home wasn't too bad and the kids are already asking again when we are going to Seattle!


Carson Calderwood said...

Nice post, can I copy it and not do my own? To be fair, only Cody worked on me, I still owe him some free dental work, illegal dental work that is.

Marisa said...

That was so fun and you have great pictures! Our kids miss yours already!