Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Annual Clogging Lunch

Every year after Christmas my clogging friends get together for lunch. I love that it is an annual tradition, because usually it's the only time we ever see each other. We met at Zupas this year and enjoyed our yummy food and catching up. Not everyone could come, it's way too hard to coordinate everyone's schedules, but below we've got, Jennie and Wade, Andrea, Natalie and Miles, Lindsey, Jenny, Lindsey, Alyson, me, Cambria and her boys. Emily is taking the picture which is why I put in 2 pictures. That way if she wants to steal a picture, she'll be in it. Until next year!!


Emily said...

Awe, look at all those mugs!!

Love these girls. Till next year!

MEGAN said...

I didn't hear about this lunch. I was in Utah too! When did you get together? Looks like fun. I miss all you ladies!