Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dansie Christmas Party

December is always full of parties and we were so happy to be living in Utah where not only could be attend them, but we could host them as well. We had some of Cody's moms side of the family up to our house for dinner on the 19th. We played the white elephant game and had fun seeing family we hadn't seen in a long time.

Cole loves Jaron and he willingly let him drool all over his head.
Kristin received the best white elephant. Who wouldn't want a picture of Jaron?!!
This is the look babies give Cody.
In the meantime, I told Tucker that if he expected to receive anymore animals for Christmas he better start playing with the ones he had. This is how he plays with his animals. He lines them all up.
And Cole loves to help me in the dishwasher. Can't say it's very helpful, but it's sure cute. Except when he gets a hold of the knives. That baby is fast!