Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scout Camp

I took the young men in our ward on an overnighter Friday night. We went camping up in the Rampart Range. It was a short trip, but fun to get them up in the mountains. Lisa had a primary activity she was in charge of Saturday morning, so I took Tucker with me. Lisa took advantage of her "girls night out" with Aubrey and went shopping at the mall. She says they had a great time together. Tucker had alot of fun, slept great in his sleeping bag, and enjoyed being outside with his daddy. Saturday morning after breakfast he did get stung by a bee though, poor guy. He handled it like a total stud though. Here are a few of the pictures I took:
This is the view we woke up to. From our campsite looking south at Pikes Peak.

The boys passing off requirements to cook a breakfast.

Tucker pointing to where we saw the bunny rabbit. For those that know him, yes that orange hunting beanie is his favorite hat. He always has to wear it when it gets cold. That's my redneck son!

Tuckers right ear where the bee stung him. Poor little kid.


Anonymous said...

So said about the bee sting on Tucker, I know how that feels. Way to go Tucker and be a big brave boy. I have to say the orange hat makes him look like he is ready for the Elk hunt in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you there.
Mom - Calderwood

Jenks Family said...

lisa- i love the birthday cake, we always make our kids too. i'm always looking for some great ideas. do you have any great web sites? when do you find out what you are having?