Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is what I get to see when I go mt. biking/hiking. Only 15 minutes from our house too. What are your trails like?


Chuck Gates said...
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Chuck Gates said...

Wow that is really cool! I forgot y'all just graduated and moved. Man, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was in the Hampstead Ward with Carson saying y'all were moving out.

Blogger is dumb and won't let me use HTML coding to post an image in my comment, so you will have to go to this LINK to get the answer to your question. We live 15 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwest Virginia, so we have beautiful views too.

Carson Calderwood said...


for a pic of a trail 15 seconds from my house.

Kevin said...

you suck cody!

Jordan & Cassie said...

Those views are going to be my views soon! Hep Yee!

Cathy H said...

Hi Cody & Lisa-

I hope you guys are settling into your new home. I miss you Lisa! I will try to call you this week after work-hope you had a great holiday!!! Take care- love you guys! Cathy