Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Fathers Day Cards In Scotland

I was sent a link to a disturbing news article about a school in Scotland that has let the tide of political correctness dictate their actions. Go to this's-Day-cards-banned-in-Scottish-schools.html (cut and paste this into your browser. For some reason I can't get the link to work no matter what I do. It's something wrong with yahoo, not the website. I promise it works if you cut and paste.)
It is really sad to see the state of the world and how far the pendulum has swung from the racist, sexist, bigoted era of the industrial revolution to where we are now today. The adversary has truly perfected the use of PC as a weapon against Christianity, the family, and moral values. Society has now become so blinded by PC that we don't even dare stand up against radical Islam and their hate-driven policies. We don't even stand up for families-the backbone of the society. We have fallen so far that we no longer allow Father's Day to be celebrated, all because we are afraid we might hurt someones feelings. Rather than celebrate diversity, we try to homogenize everyone because we are afraid that different equates to bad. NEWSFLASH WORLD!!!! Different is good, and we can embrace that. If someone did grow up in a home with only one father, so be it, but don't make everyone else forget about fathers so that we don't offend that kid raised by lesbians or a single mother.
How ridiculous is that? Does that mean then that we should no longer celebrate Veterans Day because not all of us are veterans? Or, how about Mothers Day? Not every female is able to give birth, so we don't want to offend them. How about Valentines Day? We shouldn't celebrate love because some people have had their hearts broken and are not in a relationship-I would hate to offend them. While we're at it, we shouldn't celebrate the 4th of July because we might offend the British for breaking away from their sovereign rule. In fact, let's just do away with all holidays and all birthdays and we'll have one celebration called PC day. We'll hold it in August because that poor, neglected month doesn't have any holidays right now.
In fact, while we're at it, we should get rid of the BET, the United Negro College Fund, Ebony magazine and Black History Month because I am offended that I'm white and there isn't a WET, United Caucasian College Fund, Ivory Magazine or White History Month. If we're being balanced and fair here, then that's what we should do. Instead of having the double standard that PC has created.
I for one am saddened that our society is falling apart and crumbling because rather than stand up for what is right, we decide that we will allow the evil disguise of PC to tear our values apart. In short, PC basically means we embrace everything and all values as long as its not christian, middle class, white or straight males. Maybe it's about time we start to stand up for what we know to be true.


Carson Calderwood said...

"we'll have one celebration called PC day" too perfect...and too sad. Seriously, I am waiting for someone to post something saying this was a hoax. Its 52 percent unbelievable, and sadly 48 percent believable.

lucy said...

What a sad day!

Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

Don't worry, my birthday's in August so we have a holiday to celebrate! JK! Those of us here in California can definitely relate to downslide of society with the recent CA supreme court ruling to allow same sex marriage. Luckily, we will soon be allowed to vote to make an amendment to the California constitution that will outlaw same sex marriage. A big thanks for that goes to all the church members who signed ballots. Every little thing we do can help.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious dude. i would subscribe to Ivory magazine. Thanks for the email about the supreme court ruling about handguns in DC. I knew they were hearing the case but I didn't know they had come to a ruling. Anyways, good luck this next week on your first day of work. I start on Monday. All I can say is Sweet Chicken$$$...uh, I mean...!!!

The Hunsakers said...

I am so sick and tired of the minority dictating everything to the majority. It is sad that the majority has become such a quiet portion of society. I agree that it is time for the majority to speak up and defend ourselves. Of course, the minority will then call us insensitive, bigots, or racists. But quite frankly those terms aren't reserved for white, straight, males. I spent a good portion of my school year showing my students that racist didn't mean white. That blacks, hispanics, asians, and whites can be racist. I say it is time to stand up and defend our rights for a change.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is so true. What has happened to all of us that we would allow it to go this far. Hopefully we can some how, soon undo this mess that they have created. For us that still believe in God and freedom of speech lets continue to press forward.

Kevin said...

I like your idea of no holidays. We can all join the JW's and live happily ever after.