Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Tommy

Meet Tommy. Tommy is a box turtle. He was found in some rocks at Daddy's work. Daddy's boss told him he could take Tommy home. Mommy was so excited. I like to hold Tommy and take him out of his tank. I played with him in the grass with my friends.
Isn't he cute?
Aubrey and I think Tommy is the best pet. I fed him carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and some sprinkles. Tommy doesn't really like his tank though. He keeps trying to get out, but can't go anywhere because it's glass. Mommy says we need to take him back to his family. His Mommy and Daddy are missing him.
Mommy took us on a run to an open space. I took Tommy out of his box and set him on the ground.
Tommy walked away to find his family. We went back later to see if Tommy was still there. He wasn't. Tommy must have found his Mommy and Daddy.
Now I am sad. I want Tommy back, but Mommy says he is happier with his family. Daddy says he'll buy me another turtle. I can't wait until he gets home from work today!


Carson Calderwood said...

Too funny and nice format for telling the experience. I hope Daddy buys them a big dog!

Deon said...

Love this post - sounds like Tucker has already figured out how to play his parents against each other! Good luck with that!! Can't be an easier pet than a turtle, though...well, maybe a hermit crab??

Anonymous said...

I hear turtle soop is good.

Lindsay said...

That is such a cute little story! I loved it.

The Huff Family said...

Sydney LOVES the pictures of Tucker and his turtle. In fact, at this moment, she is requesting to see them again. She still talks about Tucker daily and even asked if she could go to Colorado last week.

So, are you getting another turtle? They live forever. My youngest brother (who is now 25) got one for his 8th birthday. My parents are still taking care of it!


Lisa said...

Very cute story! I love how it was written from Tuckers point of view. It sounds like mommy doesn't like reptiles very much. We caught a gardner snake at our house the other day. The kids wanted to keep it as a pet. It got to hot in Mckennas bug cage and died. We felt so bad. It looks like Aubrey & Tucker need a pet. We have fish and they are not to much maintenance.