Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun Festivities

Every year my family (Foster's) goes to the Oakley 4th of July parade and rodeo. Unfortunately we missed out this year. We decided to catch the Pikes Peak Parade and Rodeo instead. The parade was actually held in the evening, which was a first for me. Cody absolutely hates parades, so it was nice that he wanted to go and take the family. Tucker had a bit of a listening problem the night of the parade and once he had his candy, he spent his time in the bottom of the stroller, his choice. Now that we live in the land of armed servicemen it's been really neat to see how patriotic the people get. When these guys marched by you, everyone stood up and applauded to show their respect and gratitude.
Just a neat picture of men riding Texas longhorns.
Thursday night we headed to the rodeo. We had extremely crappy seats because we only bought our tickets the day before, but the before festivities were what the kids loved anyway. Here they are petting the "piggies".

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo had a booth and they brought some of their animals. Apparently Tucker and Cody are holding the "friendliest" rattlesnake. I was impressed the kids even touched it. I am behind the camera for a reason!
I take the kids on a run about 3 times a week (post to come later)and we usually see "bunny rabbits" along the way. They loved the fact that they could get in the cage and pet this one. Aubrey is not so gentle in her petting, but loves the animals!
The rodeo was entertaining but not a very good show. There wasn't hardly anyone who actually rode an animal for 8 seconds or roped a cow, etc. The nice thing was they started with Bull Riding, which is my favorite part, the Oakley rodeo ends with it. Again, no one stayed on the bulls, but oh well, still fun. We lasted about an hour into the event and then decided to take the kids home. When I asked Tucker the next day if he had fun at the rodeo seeing all the horses, he kept talking about the pigs, snakes and bunny rabbits. I guess I should just keep taking him to the zoo!


Lisa said...

It looks like the kids had fun with the animals! Tucker was brave to touch the snake. I guess he takes after Cody. We missed you guys up at the cabin/Rodeo this year!

Starley Family said...

AHHH!!! Was that a snake? Ick factor alert. You guys are so brave. Way to be!