Friday, September 7, 2012

Swim night with the Lintons

As I've mentioned before, we've been extremely blessed this year to see many friends and family. Our good friends from dental school came into town mid August (I have a lot of good friends) and we had a swim party at my Grandpa's house. 8 years ago we met the Linton's in dental school. We were both childless and eager to begin our new adventure. Our families have camped together, gone to sporting events, had babies, and moved across the country.
 Now there are almost 8 kids between us and we still have fun talking and sharing memories.
Their oldest and Tucker are just 5 weeks apart. With the exception of Blake (Erin is pregnant with her 4th now), our kids are spaced pretty equally.
Erin & I ran the National 1/2 marathon before graduation back in 2008.
Erin ran the triathaMOM the next morning, and she's 4-5 months pregnant.