Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hlubb's Visit

 The week after my trip to California, some of my friends from Maryland flew out for a visit.Cathy was my boss when I worked during Cody's 1st year of dental school. We worked at a medical billing company. Her husband and almost 2 year old son came too. I had chemo brain the week they flew in. I had just hit my 90 day seizure free mark and drove down to the airport on Wednesday night. Little did I remember or know that there flight wasn't until Thursday night. Oh well, it is so nice to be able to drive legally again. 
Friday morning I took them to the Bingham Copper Mine, thinking it would be a different sort of tourist destination than most are used to. My parents and Heather and her boys met us there as well. Heather worked for Cathy during her time that she lived with us in Maryland. I haven't been to the mine since I was in elementary school and it's sure grown. This huge tire sits out front. These 12 foot truck wheels cost $25,000 each and each truck has 6 wheels. So $150,000 a truck and they only last for 1 year. That's one expensive truck!

The pit.
 After exploring the visitor's center I took Cathy and Steve downtown to City Creek and Temple Square. The flowers didn't disappoint. It was beautiful! Plus I have a gorgeous little model that likes to pose.
 The kids loved all the fountains.
 We went inside the visitor center to see the Christus.
 We live close to so many temples, but haven't taken our children to walk around them. It was a good opportunity to get close for them.
 On the Saturday they were here we took them to Park City. As we were walking out of the parking garage we ran into our good friends the Burnham's. Emily had her baby the next week.
 After I consumed my caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we took the Hlubb's on the Mirror Lake Highway scenic drive to the top.
The kids were able to get out, run around and climb on the mountain.
We traded in the pathfinder for this Chevy Traverse.
 I love this picture of my cute family.
 Sadly, this is the only picture I have of Cathy and I. Thanks for coming to visit!


Marisa said...

Fun pictures! I only have one correction: the bald mountain is in the foreground :)

Dr Calderwood said...

Not to nit pick, but it's actually Mt. Agassiz.