Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pulling the giant tooth

Tucker has had a giant tooth ever since he was little. Two of his bottom teeth fused together into one large tooth. This is when he was 2. The tooth is on the bottom left, next to the gap. Cody and I have always wondered what it would look like when extracted. Would it have one root or two. We found out last month.
 Tuck really wanted it pulled, but only part of it was loose, so Cody brought some tools home and got to work. He numbed him up first (no tears) and then yanked it out with pliers.

The tooth only had one root. Cody thinks the other root was absorbed or something like that. This is only the 2nd tooth Tucker has lost. He tries to wiggle them to come out, but when they aren't ready, they don't come. : )


Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

I remember that big tooth. Funny. Brave little kid!

Lettie said...

I love stories of doctors and dentists doing their work at their house. Zeke has had no lose teeth at all yet and he isn't all that younger than Tucker.