Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swimming, fireworks and Logan

We go swimming a couple times a week at my Grandparents pool and the kids have been loving it. We just discovered water wings last week and the kids did really well with them. For only a buck a pair, I figured they deserved them.
We invited my friend Leah and her daughter's up to swim with us one day. They swim sooo much longer when they have friends to help keep them entertained!
Last Friday afternoon/evening we headed to Logan to visit my sister and her family. Cody and the kids hadn't seen the baby yet, so he was our main focus. Tucker and Aubrey loved baby Ethan! They were so excited to hold him and see how tiny he is.
Cody bought some fireworks and we set them off before we left for home. Yes, the sun is still shining, but we had a 2 hour drive and an early morning ahead of us. Plus, the kids could have cared less that it wasn't dark.
Cole would think they were fun at first, all lit up, then they would start popping and he'd get kind of scared. It was actually hilarious to watch. He'd brave up for a minute and clap his hands, then run back to one of us adults and make sure we were keeping him safe.
Cody had been growing his beard out for 2 weeks for the rodeo we attended the next night. It's kind of funny to see more hair on his face than his head.
Cute little Pelfrey family!


Carson Calderwood said...

Dude, that beard is freakin' awesome!!