Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Cabin Fun

On the 3rd of July my niece, Mckenna, was baptized into our church Saturday morning. We headed out to Eagle Mountain to attend that and then later in the day we went up to our cabin in Oakley.
Cody got the grain out for the horses and the kids had fun feeding them.
That evening we had a BBQ and then attended the Oakley Rodeo. I forgot my camera in the car - so if I ever get the pictures off my Mom's camera I might post them. Cody shaved part of his beard into a totally redneck look. It's blog worthy - so eventually you'll see it.
Monday morning Cody had to go into work to take care of some emergency patients and I took the kids back to Oakley to the parade. It's a fun tradition that my family has gone to ever since I was a little girl.
The kids all have their treat bags and anxiously await the floats to come by and throw candy at them.
Cole is my little wandering child and he walked up and down the street several times before the parade began. One float threw out Popsicle's and that finally convinced him to sit in his chair and eat it for awhile. Luckily I have awesome family members that are willing to stroll along right next to him.
After the parade we went back to the cabin to ride horses, the gator, the tractor and to play outside. I even rode a horse - NOT! I probably could have though and nothing would have happened to me or the baby. I thought a picture would be nice a touch, being all tethered up to the corral and all.
Tucker and Aubrey rode the horses all by themselves around the field. Well, at least they sat on the horses by themselves while my Mom led them. Our horses are quite lazy and don't get ridden very often - like this was the first time the whole summer (as far as I know) that they've had a rider on them.
After lunch we drove up to Smith and Morehouse to let the kids pretend to fish. They had a great time casting into the lake over and over, trying to catch a big one. We didn't even put hooks on them - just bobbers.
Aubrey fell in the lake and became our topless fishergirl. Do you like how she has the reel tucked under her arm? It was quite cute. : )
Here's my handsome Tucker. He poses so well these days for photos. I love it! Luckily Cole took a nap all afternoon so I didn't have to watch him at the lake. We wouldn't have lasted very long had he been there.