Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Cody is off at scout camp this week. He's kind of a busy guy these days. Between his ward calling, scoutmaster, his job and the latest news - he's the new President of the Back of the Wasatch Dental District - he has a lot on his plate. I was extremely lame this year and didn't take a single picture on Father's Day, but we do appreciate him so much and all he does for our growing family.
We had his parents up for dinner on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day and they offered to take Cole for 2 days for me. So nice! I love the little guy, but he is definitely my high maintenance child. I was able to take Tucker and Aubrey to their first movie in the theater yesterday - Toy Story 3. We went with my dad and saw it in 3D on the IMAX. It was such a great show and they loved the whole thing. It is so fun to watch your children's "1st" moments.
Today I dropped off Tucker and Aubrey at the Calderwoods and I drove to Logan to meet my new nephew. Heather had her baby boy Friday night. They named him Ethan James Pelfrey and isn't he a cutie?!! He's got a stork bite on his forehead and forcep marks on the back of his head, but he is so tiny and precious! It's a little crazy and overwhelming to think I'm going to have my own little bundle in just a few short weeks.

If you are ever bored and don't want to pay to go to the zoo, did you know you can see great wildlife right in Park City? And I'm not just talking about moose and deer. Someone owns a buffalo, zebra, donkey and some crazy goats. You can see them right next to exit 2 on highway 40 - across from the Home Depot.

My kids especially love seeing the zebra. I mean, who owns a zebra? Do you have to have some kind of special permit? It's a little weird, but something we look forward to seeing everytime we drive by.

Once a month we get together with our best friends, the Dyers. This past weekend we drove up Millcreek canyon and had tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows. By the way, Millcreek Canyon is the canyon to go to these days if you are in the Salt Lake Valley. We tried going up Big Cottonwood Canyon after Memorial Day and were shocked that they charge you $7 per car just to picnic. That's ridiculous! Millcreek is only $3 a car. Of course, the best place to go is right up here in our mountains where you don't have to pay at all. : )

I love that our kids are such good friends (not that you could tell from Tucker's expression in this picture). Leah and I have been friends since we were 12 and it's fun to see friendships form with our kids.

I've been working on a fun project involving this carseat. It's been through 3 kids and needed an overhaul, so stay tuned on my craft blog Pieces By Lisa for an update soon.

Lastly, we went to the Wasatch State Park pond last Monday night, for Family Night, to feed the ducks and geese. It was such a nice evening and the kids loved throwing our leftover hotdog and hamburger buns at the birds. I love living here in Midway where we have such fun outdoor activities to do with the kids. I mean, who wouldn't love no traffic, the mountains, awesome neighborhoods, friendly people, etc etc.


Nate and Lori said...

I had to laugh about that zebra because one time when I lived in Provo, a guy came into the ER with a bandaged up arm. He said that he had been bitten by a zebra. I thought that he must be lying but he was telling the truth. Maybe it was that zebra :)

Lettie said...

How fun about the fake zoo. Maybe we'll have to drive by it sometime. And I'm excited to see how you revamp the car seat. I got stuff out to make a cover for mine the other day, but haven't started yet.

Jordan & Cassie said...

Sounds like you have been so busy, good for you. thanks again for letting us crash at your place. We slept like babies! Good luck with the next few weeks.

love and miss you