Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodbyes and some stats

My best friend is moving to Texas this Friday. We had a last get together at Chic-fil-A for lunch yesterday.
The kids played one more time and no matter how hard we tried to get a good picture of them, this is how they turned out.
I did capture this before we hopped in our cars though. I hope our kids will remain friends and still want to play with each other when we do see them.
After our fun lunch I headed back to Heber to take Cole and Blake to their 18 month/2 week appointments. Ever since I came home from the hospital with Blake I have considered Cole to be huge! Well, the statistics don't seem to think so. Apparently Cole is only in the 10th percentile for weight (22.6lbs.), 30th for height (31.75) and 80th for head. I can definitely see the head!
Blake is 8lbs. and that's the 25%. I don't count his height because it's different every time I take him in. All that really matters is that they are healthy and happy!


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

cute pictures! sorry your friend is leaving. you can hang out with me though if you want! :)

The Hunsakers said...

Where in Texas is your friend moving? Is she headed our way?

The Hunsakers said...

Where in Texas is your friend moving? Is she headed our way?

Bryce said...

Man y'all have had a busy summer. It took me 30 minutes to read all your blog posts. Congratulations on Blake. He is a cutie. Jackson was born with no epidural. It was the most miserable thing Amy said she had ever done. I have to say Cody should keep the beard. Its handsome.

Sarah said...

I can't believe it, but I think I never commented about you being Super Woman and your adorable baby Blake. Congrats!!! No epidural. I think I would have died then and there-terrible pioneer material. You are amazing Lisa. And Blake is adorable. It makes me SO excited for another one.