Thursday, July 22, 2010

Since we've been home

Last week turned out to be a nice relaxing week for Cody, Blake and me. The older kids were having a blast with grandparents and I was forced to relax and just be with my itty bitty one. I have to admit I became completely caught up with this season's Bachelorette. I was opting to sit this season out, realized that I'd be home for a week with a newborn and DVR'd away. Blake is getting cuter every day. I personally think every newborn comes out a bit squished and as each day progresses my little guy fills out and is adorable. My cousin, April, came and took some pictures of him last Friday and beforehand I attempted my own little photo shoot. I'm hoping our little Blondie has blue eyes. The rest of the kids have a shade of brown - so it would be nice to have a child with my eye color.
I began to miss my other kids as the week progressed and we were able to get Cole back Friday night. Cody's parents came up to help install our sprinkler timer box and they brought my "big" baby home. He was so silly that night, in his footie pajamas with his cowboy boots and hat. Oh and I can't forget the socks on his hands. He did it all himself too.
I think every child loves talking on the phone. Cole will walk around the house talking and laughing to his imaginary callers.
I love Cole's expression in this picture. It kind of says "what are you?" The adjustment of a new baby hasn't been too bad yet. For the most part Cole doesn't really care about him. Unfortunately he does usually want me to go with him somewhere when I'm feeding Blake. Hopefully he doesn't feel like I'm ignoring him in those moments.

My Mom brought Tucker and Aubrey back to us last Saturday night. It was fun being all together as a family again. We drove up to Logan on Sunday to attend baby Ethan's blessing. My recovery has gone really well and so we all went to church. Blake was covered up in his new carseat and cover I made.
The first all cousins picture.
My dad with the "twins". It's so fun that my kids all have cousins fairly close in age.
And finally a typical scenario at our house now. Cole is always getting into something! He decided the Vaseline was what he wanted yesterday morning and so he climbed right in the pack n play with Blake. Of course, Blake slept through it all - what a good brother.
Tucker and Aubrey love Blake and are very good helpers. Everyone is quick to shove a binkie in his mouth if he cries and Tucker likes to hold and carry him around. I definitely have my hands full, but it's so much fun and I wouldn't want it any other way!


hartleyhouse said...

Congrats on the new little guy!! We're glad everyone is happy and healthy!!

Lisa said...

I really like the picture that you took of Blake! He is such a sweet little guy. I enjoyed holding him on Sunday. It is fun that there are so many cousins close to the same age.

Holly said...

Congrats!!!!!!! I really love the pictures of the little guy! He is so adorable!!

Amber said...

Lisa you look amazing and little Blake is a cutie. I am glad that everything is going well as you settle in.