Thursday, July 8, 2010

Actual 4th of July

On Sunday we did our usual. We have 1:00 church, which is nice in a way because we have all morning to get ready, yet it lands during naptime too. We've been fairly good at getting Cole to take a nap before church - which helps a ton. And our nursery leaders have been awesome and have let Cole come in early and Cody and I don't have to stay. He technically won't be 18 months until the end of July, but like I said, the leaders are awesome and have been letting us take him for a few months, and about a month ago they told us just to leave him. Last Sunday one of the leaders even told me that he is one that doesn't cry, so they welcome him in! Sweet for us! Cody especially was getting tired of wandering the halls for 2 hours with him. Both of us have to teach off and on and Cole is just quite the distraction.

Anyway, we decided to drive up Daniel's Canyon Sunday evening and roast some marshmallows. Cody wanted to let Tucker practice striking a match and lighting a fire. He did a great job and he's gearing up to be a great little scout. Aubrey fell asleep on our way up (we only live 15 minutes away, she must have been really tired!) so we let her sleep and the rest of us enjoyed being in the mountains.
Setting the smore on fire.
I love smores! I'll make them in the microwave at home quite frequently.
Our busy body wandering child. He just loves to walk all over and discover everything there is to see.
There was a stream right next to us that he had fun throwing rocks into. Check out his awesome shoes. Like I mentioned, Aubrey was asleep and somehow I forgot Cole's shoes, so we took them off of her and put them on Cole. I admit that is the real reason we didn't wake her up. What was I going to do with one child with no shoes in the mountains.
And because he rarely gets a picture by himself, here's my cute husband! I love that he is so ambitious and wants to get out and be in the mountains. The whole family loves it and with a family full of mostly boys - it will be fun to see how adventurous they are as well.
As for a little update on me - I'm scheduled to be induced Monday morning, July 12th. My official due date is the 17th, so I'll be in there 5 days early. I would love to go into labor as I write this, but I'm sure I won't. I was dilated to a 4/5 with Cole for a couple weeks and still didn't go into labor. I'm only a 3 right now with this one and I'm sure nothing will happen over the weekend. Thinking on the bright side we have one more day to go swimming, another night to hangout with friends, I'm getting glitter toes, and I can cross a few more things off my list of to-do's before the baby is born.


MEGAN said...

Looks like fun! Lots of cut pictures. Good luck on Monday. Hope it is easy and quick. :)

The Cary Family said...

I didn't realize it was getting that close. Good luck on Monday!!

Marie said...

Hi lisa! your blog is so cute and so are your kids! It looks like you have a pretty great life. Good luck on Monday!!