Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24th of July

We celebrated the 24th of July and my dad's birthday down at my Grandparent Foster's house on Saturday. Sadly I am not able to swim yet, but Cody went in with the kids and they had a blast! What could be more fun than jumping off the diving board on Daddy's shoulders?! Cody about had his eye gouged out by Aubrey's death grip to his face!

Peer pressure can be such a great thing. The kids cousin, Mckenna, is 8, and she was jumping off the diving board all by herself. My kids hadn't done that this year and after an hour or so of swimming they were jumping and doing tricks and having a fun time. Even Aubrey was doing it! I love that they are brave enough.
My Mom's parents live really close to my Dad's parents so they came over to celebrate as well. Do you like how Cole is trying to feed my Grandpa grapes in the background. They did this for a long time. : )
This is my cousin Preston and his wife Melissa. It was fun to have them there, because growing up, we always had these holiday BBQ's. It reminded me of the good ol' days.  
The birthday guy and his newest grandchild.
Cole and Hayden. They are only 6 months apart and I can tell they are going to have a lot of fun together growing up.
The new babes. Heather and I have matching sleeper outfits so we put them on for show.
When we got home we let the kids use up our remaining 3 sparklers. Cole even participated this time. He is our little firecracker! His red hair and glowing sparkler just made me laugh!


Carson Calderwood said...

I call no posting semi naked pictures of Cody, it makes me feel fat :-(

Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

I love our babies! They are so cute together! I'm excited to come down and visit this weekend! I need to get Ethan one of those romper outfits for this summer! Maybe we should take a detour to the Park City outlets...