Sunday, June 13, 2010

35 weeks

The countdown has begun! Well sort of - I guess technically I've been counting down all along with always knowing how many weeks I am. But, now I have an end date in sight. 4 weeks from tomorrow I'll be induced, July 12th! (I've probably mentioned this before, maybe even multiple times, I just can't remember.) Anyway, things are going well. I've got my list of things I want to accomplish before baby comes and hopefully I'll get most if not all of them done. My patience is starting to wear thin with my other kids which I hate. It happens at the end of every pregnancy and I have to tell myself to calm down and remember that they are just kids - little ones at that. I think #4 might be the one that makes the biggest change/impact on us as a family. I know Cody thinks so. It is a little overwhelming to think we will have 4 children 4 and under. Things are going well though and we have lots to keep us busy in the next few weeks. My sister will be having her first baby in the next week, we have extended family birthdays to celebrate, Father's Day, Cody has scout camp, the 4th of July, we'll take advantage of the pool while I can and I'm sure more activities will come up. I love comparison pictures so enjoy!

35 weeks and 30 weeks
20 weeks


Lettie said...

Look at that cute belly grow! (And your hair grows super fast!) I love that you are wearing the same shirt - that really helps with the comparison somehow. If we go round 4, I think I'll have to copy you!

Sarah said...

Cutest pregnant lady ever. So not fair ;)

Lisa said...

We will mark the 12th on our calendar! We are excited to meet our new nephew!

Laura and family said...

You are such motivation for me! We have 2 that are 17 months apart (should've been right at 19 mo apart.) So the thought of having another child scares me, but I know I want them to be fairly close in age so they can grow together.

You look beautiful, by the way. Totally not fair!

Amber said...

Good luck these last few weeks. You look great, and we are excited to come meet the new addition sometime soon.