Friday, June 11, 2010

The little things in life

Call me a dork, but I have been waiting for one of these for a very long time! No more PO Box for us - the mail lady can finally come to our house! Our neighbor works for a timber frame company called Euclid, and he made a nice fancy mailbox for his family last year. Luckily we are such great neighbors and we talked him into making one for us as well. : ) I love getting the mail and am excited that I no longer have to run to the post office everyday.
And Cody is loving his new lawn mower. Our free grass is doing quite well and is lush, green and beautiful. The lines where we laid the grass are slowly disappearing. I'm sure the novelty of a lawn will wear off someday, but when you have never had your own yard, it sure is fun to enjoy!


Russell said...

Nice mailbox and lawn boy! If it turns out you can only keep one, keep the mailbox....let the lawn boy go.