Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend in Review

Yesterday was the first day it felt like spring was coming. The temps were in the 60's so a bunch of my friends decided that the park was the place to be. I love that I don't have to keep my eye on Tucker every second this year. I've got to watch this little butterfly now! She loved the swings! She's actually looking over at Tucker in his swing in the below picture.
Last Thursday night we headed over to REI to use our dividends we received last year. Cody needed a new winter coat and lucky for him, they had ONE, of the coat he wanted, in his size, and on clearance. I swear I never get that lucky! They also had this adorable pink puffy vest in Aubrey's size that we just "had" to get! Hey it was on clearance too!

I feel like I whip my camera out lately to take pictures of whatever Aubrey is doing. Tucker never lets me get away with not taking pictures of him though. He yells cheese and smiles until I snap a picture of him. (In case you were wondering, his face isn't dirty on the left side of the pic, he was running around with his shirt over his head last week and tried jumping onto our couch, he miscalculated and ran his face right into the wood molding along the bottom of the couch. Ouch!)
Our exciting news of the day is that Aubrey took her first steps last night. We knew it would be soon. She's been standing by herself and walking along the furniture for a couple months now. Of course, we don't have it on video yet. Every time I get the camera out she gets too excited and drops to her knees and crawls.


Becky said...

I love the last picture of Aubrey in that denim dress with 2 stick straight ponytails. She looks adorable and so proud to be walking! Cute!

Carson Calderwood said...

Nice coat, I'm jealous and congrats to Little Aubrey on her walking.

Kyle, Tiffany, and Kaiden said...

Good job on the deals. He vest is so cute. And her denim dress is darling. It's so hard to catch a picture of them walking. We had to have a third person take it from the side so he couldn't see the camera.

Karen, Mackay & Easton said...

cute pics and SCORE on the North Face coat. I am so jealous. finding one of those at REI is definitely a rare occasion indeed!the one i wanted this year was over $300. Since i was fat i wasn't too dissapointed...might have to be my christmas next year. They have been making dang cute girls coats lately. Sucks they cost so freakin much...He'll have that thing forever!

Spencer said...

Go Aubrey,by the time I get there you will be walking really well.


Guymon Family said...

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