Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Surprise

This past weekend was great! My friend, Katie, flew in last Thursday night for a quick trip to Baltimore. Her husband graduated from dental school last May and they moved to Spokane (hurray for us!). Anyway, she came out to surprise our friend Lis for her 30th birthday. Friday morning I was scheduled to babysit Lis's son. She dropped him off and before she was about to head back out the door I told her she had to see what I "picked up" yesterday. Around the corner we went and there was Katie! It was so fun to be in on the birthday surprise. Saturday we had a huge get together of 20 friends at Red Robin for lunch to celebrate Lis's birthday and for Katie to be able to see her friends. Great food, fun and friends! Me, Lis and Becky
Katie, Lis, Jayne, Erin, me
Of course we took tons more pictures than this, so if you didn't get them emailed to you (and want them), let me know and I'll send them on.


Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

Looks like fun! Maybe next time I'll be able to come and visit too!