Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News - Bad News

Like my dad always said, bad news first. The bad news is that the North East Regional Boards are this Thursday. That means, in order for me to get a license to practice dentistry when I graduate, I need to pass these patient-based boards on Thursday. For all those unfamiliar with these, let me just say that they are extremely important and extremely stressful. I am required to find patients that fit a very narrow criteria with cavities and then fix those cavities with some intense examiners looking on and trying to fail me at every turn (another reason why I hate the NERBS and should have taken the Western Regionals). Anyway, on any other day, these cavities would be a piece of cake and would be terribly easy. But because of the stakes at hand and the tendency of the NERB examiners to give an "F" if you look at them funny, the stress levels rise tremendously.
This isn't the bad news though. The real bad news is that the patient I had lined up for my class II and class III lesions long ago is no longer available to come in on Thursday. SON OF A GUN!
That kills me to find this out 3 days before probably the biggest exam of my life. Normally he is a very, very reliable patient. So, with this being said, any guesses on why he can't come in? I'll give you a hint-he lives in Baltimore........that's right. The dude got arrested and will be detained for at least a couple of months. Great, I must be the luckiest person alive. Now I have to scramble like a mad man to find patients to fill that void.

On to the good news of the day. Tucker went pee on the potty today! He told me, "poo poo daddy" (he calls both the pee and the poo "poo poo", he's a little confused still). Lately he has been saying that and it means that he has just gone in his diaper. So I went to change his diaper, and lo and behold- it was dry! I had a nifty idea to tell him to run to the potty and give it a try. After I sat him down, I walked out for a second, and when I had come back, he had successfully done his business. And, like a true boy learning to go potty, he managed to do the firehouse effect and spray more than just the potty. Thata boy! Hopefully he will be excited to move on to pull-ups soon. We are so excited for him.


Carson Calderwood said...

That sucks! I sure hope you can find someone quick. People will probably make you pay some big money to use their patient.