Sunday, March 9, 2008


This RARELY happens! We tried this out for fun! (end result didn't look good enough to take a picture, but she looked so cute with the curlers in!)
Little fix-it man! (Our door handle has been broken for about a week and the fix-it guy came on Friday and replaced the handle. Tucker sat on the couch babbling to him and checking out his work. He found this tiny screwdriver and has been "fixing" the door ever since!


Lisa said...

We enjoyed all of these photos! Kev was looking at them from the floor and commented, "what is that pile of Laundry?" I told him it was Tucker. It is fun that you put curlers in Aubreys hair. I did the same thing with Kenna when her hair finally got long enough. It didn't look good either but I was so proud that I could just get a curler in her hair.!

Anonymous said...

Well like father like son,he likes to work with his hands. Maybe he will be a Dentist too!
Grandma Calderwood