Monday, January 14, 2008

Wild Thing

Aubrey is now 9 months old. It must be the second kid syndrome because I can't believe how fast time has gone by. With Tucker I remember all his different stages and Aubrey is obviously going through them, but because she has an older brother that requires attention, I feel like she is growing up way too fast! We started doing pigtails this weekend. I love how fun and mischievous she looks. She is constantly crawling and pulling herself up on anything she can get her hands on.
She has the cutest laugh, (if I ever bust out my video camera, I'll get on film) and it is so easy to make her smile.
She's recently started happy squawking and screaming. It's cute the first couple times and then we wish she'd stop. She's pretty loud.
Here's her 9 month stats for those that are interested.
Weight: 17 lbs 7 oz. (25%)
Height: 29.5 in. (95%) I'm not sold on this one. I saw how the nurse measured her and I bet they are off by 1/2 to 1 inch.

It's fun to compare the difference between what Tucker was and what Aubrey is now. They weighed the same at their 9 month appointment, although Tucker was in the 5-10% percentile because he's a boy. We feel like Aubrey is a lot bigger, but maybe it's just because of her height. Anyway, now we are in the market for a new car seat either for Tucker or Aubrey. Tucker might graduate into a 5 point booster seat so that Aubrey can enjoy his deluxe throne. Any of you know any boosters that have good reviews on them?


Karen, Mackay & Easton said...

I've liked eastons eddie bauer has the shoulder harness strap in and then when he gets big enough you can just use the seat belt buckle on it...they have a bunch more out now that are better than his too. good luck!

Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

I love her pigtails! And all her cute outfits, especially the cream colored dress. So cute! I keep waiting for Carly's hair to grow longer so I can do more with it. She has a major mullet right now.

Lisa said...

Halle and Aubrey are still about the same weight! It is fun that she has so much hair. I think that at 18 months I was able to put pigtails in Kennas hair. I have been looking at carseats too. I am going to move Halle into Parkers carseat. I found a booster chair that says it holds from 29 pounds up. Luckily Parker is 29 pounds. The booster seats are a lot cheaper than buying another big carseat. I think the one I saw was about 35 dollars.