Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun Saturday

On Saturday Lisa, the kids and I were invited to attend the baptism of the daughter of one of my patients. The mom, my patient, is from Argentina and the husband is from Mexico. The mom came to me needing a ton of dental work, and was actually my first patient in the clinic. I ended up pulling several teeth, restoring those that remained, and made her an upper and lower partial denture. For those that want to know what those look like, I included a sample picture of an upper partial denture.
It was a very difficult case, but well worth the stress and struggles when I saw her smile on Saturday at her daughters baptism. I must say, I did a good job and those teeth looked so natural. It was awesome to see her smiling because when she first came to me, she would never smile and was so embarrassed of her teeth. What a big difference.
The baptismal service was conducted in Spanish, so Lisa was probably a little bored but still felt the spirit that was present. I loved attending it and had so many memories of my mission in Mexico come rushing back as I sat in that room, singing hymns in Spanish and conversing with the members and friends that were present. There was definitely a very sweet feeling there as the spirit attended that service.
The Hispanic culture is one of the greatest in the world. They are such a loving and giving people. After the service, the husband (who cooks at a Mexican restaurant) made some tamales and tacos for all that came. I loved it. Real, authentic Mexican food makes me weak in the knees. It is so good! We enjoyed the food and company that was there and had a fun Saturday night out as a family.


Carson Calderwood said...

Nice! I wish I could have been there. So were the services in Spanish or Castellano?

Anonymous said...

that mouth piece looks almost like one my Mom had before she got false teeth. I didn't know they still did those. I thought they just took you to false teeth. Good job Cody
Love Mom