Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning with the Calderwood's. Tucker was completely happy with his airplanes and cars he received. I got Cody a Navigation GPS for the car. We used Carson and Marisa's while we were in Seattle and loved it.
Cody surprised me with tickets to Celine Dion's concert next year. I have to wait until October to go, but I can't wait!
Carson, Cody and Kristin - Calderwood Siblings
All the kids wanted to play with Aubrey's new barnyard.


Lisa said...

It is awesome that you got Celine tickets! Way to go Cody! I love Celines music. I loved the concert in Vegas. She has the most amazing voice. It is even better in person.

Becky said...

O.K. A GPS system and Celine Dion tickets?! I'm totally jealous! The GPS would especially come in handy considering every time I hit the road I get lost. Seriously, I do! It's all these crazy, windy roads lined with trees. You can't see where you're going!
Crazy! Cody's brother looks exactly like him.