Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What we did on our vacation

We had a pretty nice weekend. Cody and I went to a restaurant in Baltimore Friday night called Lemongrass. It's a Thai restaurant that has amazing food! I highly recommend it to anyone! The lettuce wraps were delicious (even Cody agrees) and the atmosphere is fun. Not really kid friendly, but get a babysitter and enjoy a great night out.
We hung out at home and with friends Saturday and Sunday. On Monday we cleaned our carpet. The below picture is what our floor looked like before. The pictures aren't the greatest, but our floor looked TERRIBLE! For any of you that have ever been to my place, you know that I usually vacuum before you get there and it still looks like crap. This is how our floor looked after. Much much better. There are still a few spots that will have to be hand scrubbed, but overall we feel as though a gray film has been lifted from our carpet. Much more livable and hopefully it will make less work for us when we move in May.


Lisa said...

It looks great! It really made a big difference. Did you pay to have it done or did you do it yourself? Carpet gets dirty fast when you have kids. We need to invest in steamer of our own. Luckily, are new carpet is a shag and hides most spots.

Lisa said...

We borrowed a steam cleaner from our friends. It wasn't hard to do at all and dried in a day. I hear they are expensive to buy and pretty reasonable to rent. I guess we got lucky!

lettieb said...

Looks good...makes me think that I should do that because mine looks literally ten times worse than your before!

Starley Family said...

It looks really nice. We spent this weekend doing that too getting ready for the new baby. Well okay Nate did it all but it does feel nice.

As a side note they have a really nice steam cleaner at Walmart (I forget the brand) for $100. I have now spent way more than that on rentals over the last 4 years so if I weren't living in confined spacing it's a worthwhile investment.