Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who's on the "naughty" list?

 Cole is! That naughty boy snuck into my room last week (after we had already put him back in his bed several times) messed up my sewing machine, took my scissors and cut up Aubrey's Christmas dress that I was making her. I was sooo ticked off! I've had a ton of things on my plate and the last thing I needed was a ruined dress. I had to go to the fabric store the next day and buy more fabric to fix his mistakes.
 This is what Cole looks like Sunday evenings. We've had late church which = no naps, so he usually falls asleep during dinner. Only one more week of that though and then we switch to 9-12 church. I like that sooo much better!

And because we think it's so awesome - the Subaru hit a fun milestone! I bought that car after my first year of college and it's still running. Cody loves being the Doctor in the office and driving the crappiest car in the parking lot!